Interview to Bianca Vignola : Erasmus student in Sevilla

Bianca is an Italian girl who enjoys her Erasmus in Sevilla, besides she has a special interest on Erasmus programs as she is currently carrying out her final thesis researching in the field of students mobility related to anthropology.

1. When did you decide to do an Erasmus exchange?

I decided to do an Erasmus exchange because I wanted to take advantage of the great opportunity of living in another country for a while and getting a little money for this, also try to understand what European mobility means... further than low cost company...

2. Why did you choose Spain, and particularly Sevilla?

I have health problems that brings me to decide for a place with the best climate conditions.. The south of Spain is surely one of the warmest part of Europe.

3. Do you have any scholarship from your home university, to cover your expenses during your Erasmus stay?

I have a scholarship from my university (around 100 Euros) and a scholarship from government subsidy (around 200), obviously they aren't enough to pay the rent, the taxes, the bills, the food.... and everything else but here in Seville with help from my family, or with a job I can survive. I can't imagine myself living with 300 euros/ month in London, Madrid, Berlin... or any other city more expensive. Scholarships must be related with the economic condition of the person that wants to depart and with the cost of life in the chosen country.

4. Have you found complicated all the previous and post paperwork needed?

Not so complicated but quite boring, anyway the staff were really really kind and helpful, both in my university in Italy, and in Sevilla.

5. Are the lectures that you are attending in Spanish? Are you getting used easily to the language?

I'm not attending any lesson because I've finished my exams in Italy and I'm here just for my thesis.

6. What about the education system, do you find differences to the system in Italy?

I cannot say so much about the education system 'cos I'm not attending classes, but I found that here the practical aspect of each subject is more evaluated rather than it is in Italy.

7. Was it easy for you to find accommodation? Could you tell us the average rent expenses there?

Finding an accommodation took me 3 days, I search rental listings at the university and the internet. The costs round between 170 and 390 monthly, the big difference depends on the house conditions, that often are bad (but that happens with student's houses all over the world... ) and on how far is the house from the center, how good is the connection with public transport..

8. How do you find the Erasmus environment in Sevilla? Are there many exchange students in the city?

I found a thousand Erasmus students, and not only there are other programs that brings young people from all over the world, Sevilla seems a very hospitable city.

9. Which places would you recommend to visit near Sevilla?

The country land nearby Sevilla is wonderful, you can follow the Ruta de los Pueblos blancos (Arabian wonderful little villages) there's Santiponce and the Conjunto arquelogico de Italica, Roman ruins; the seaside is quite near; Cordoba and Cadiz too; and lots more to discover!

10. How do you find Erasmusu as a community for international students?

I found Erasmus community surfing the net.

11. Any special tip or recommendation for those planning to move to Sevilla?

I would recommend to be prepared at the warmest temperature... from april till october is between 30° and 48° C.

Thanks for the interview; we wish you a great time during your Erasmus in Sevilla! If you find out in your research the reasons why exchange programs make people so happy, let us know =)

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  • Loh 10 years ago

    Nice and original interview!!!!

    Bianca, hope you enjoy Spain!!!

  • bianca 10 years ago

    thanks!! I do, I'm really enjoying this wonderful country!! What about you? Are you in Erasmus somewere?? hope you have fun :)

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