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Working as a Steward in the Olympic Stadium in Rome

Post Introduction

What kind of experience am I going to describe today?

The experience I share with you today, my dear readers, is the one I experienced, for less than a season, in the very prestigious Olympic Stadium in Rome.

Is it easy or difficult to be hired?

It depends on your point of view!

It was very simple, if you don't basically assume you'll get it, to be hired at the A. S. Roma Football Association, once you've completed the mandatory Steward course within the stadium itself, together with another Association.

On the one hand, it was therefore very simple, but quite complicated on the other.

A very specialised course.

The mandatory training course

The course that was obligatory to take was, in fact, quite complicated, but not because I believe that the information that we were given was too complex, but because it was a little heavy in the hours and there were a lot of attendees that we had to respect.

However, I feel very satisfied with the knowledge I gained on that occasion and I am sure it would be very difficult to reach a similar level of preparation in Italy.

It is said, in fact, in this sector, that the A. S. Roma Football Association, is the one that, on its national territory, requires the greatest number of stewards and, above all, the highest quality and professionalism, in the field!

Working as a Steward in the Olympic Stadium in Rome


How were you paid?

There are two services used to return the economic correspondent assigned to the Steward:

  • It is possible to receive a postal transfer at the residence address declared at the time of the application, which must be submitted in paper form, to the bank branches from which you wish to withdraw the money;
  • For a more comfortable, and more commonly used, way to be paid, it is necessary to register on the site of the I. N. P. S. and request, expressly, a specific postal card, where payments will be credited once the service has been performed. Moreover, this card, besides being expressly requested at a post office by the person concerned, must also be "paid" with a minimum sum of 5 euros, which, however, will be found inside the card itself

How long after the work has been completed are these transfers credited?

I think this is the most frequently asked question, by the Steward's group here in Rome. Unfortunately, the payment system is always very slow and this, to tell the truth, I can also testify to, as I still have yet to receive the payment of two games that date back as far as several months ago.

Working as a Steward in the Olympic Stadium in Rome


Why such a long time?

I'm not really the right person to ask this question, I can, however, talk about my personal case .

My specific case

Following the reasoning and the indications on how to credit the payments mentioned above, and considering that I was not yet in possession of the I. N. P. S. card (that's its jargon name), I had received a transfer of 75 euros to my declared residence address which, to this day, corresponds to a country in the province of Cosenza, where I currently am for the summer holidays.

Being abroad, however, meant that I could not collect the postal transfer myself, when my parents told me about it having arrived, so I requested, by phone, what I should do to receive the payment regardless of the situation.

I was told, therefore, that I would be credited later on the I. N. P. S. card that I could, at that time, request.

That is why, as soon as I returned to Italy, I immediately did my best to get my I. N. P. S. card, focusing more on that than anything else, to be able to then give confirmation to the secretary who takes care of the transfers of credits.

Which is why, once finishing the phone call and having been reassured that the money would be credited to me on the new card, I had proposed to put myself in waiting, without pressing these offices, for a further reminder.

Unfortunately, however, my patience has not been respected, so much so that when I decided to call for confirmations, or at least notices, in this regard, I had a bad feeling that the case hadn't even been taken into consideration due to an unpleasant forgetfulness that I found out about from the usual female voice that answers phone calls.

Politeness, rather than patience in this case, meant I simply forgave the inconvenience and said I'd wait, but when, at the end of June , I would have had to renew the contract with the A. S. Roma Association, I realised I hadn't received the money yet, so I called again.

Needless to say, maybe, that this "girl", of whom, forgive me, I do not know the name, has told me that, once again (! ), my case had not been taken into consideration and that she would call me back soon.

Unfortunately, however, that telephone call never came

So, the next day, I decided to call again and the call was cut off immediately after it connected because, evidently, the voice message I was leaving was excessively long (as though I could have summarised that whole situation in just a few seconds?! ) I found the courage to call a second time and finish, if possible, my speech, hoping that, the next day, someone or anyone would have deigned, at least, to listen to it!

So it was that the the second phone call, magically, was answered by a certain Matteo. Explaining my case to him, instead of the girl, I got a completely different response!

He told me, in fact, that once the work is done, the money is sent by the sports club, directly to the I. N. P. S.

It would indeed be this national institute that would take on the task of sending the money back, in case of missed payments.

"Well! " I said to myself! "Fortunately", at this point, I already knew who to contact!

A long story...

However, I was once again abroad this time, so I waited for my return to Italy, which took place during the summer holidays, to be able to request, finally, my money, hoping, indeed, to be able to receive it, at least, after all this long wait and attention on my part!


A little more listening for our figures.

I really wish this article could be read by someone who is in communications with the authorities. I do not want, nor do I believe, that it would be right to create hostilities, but it is precisely for this reason that I would like us Stewards, all of us, to be taken into consideration, not only as mere workers, but also, and above all, like people who could potentially actively contribute to improving the functionality of institutions.

Working as a Steward in the Olympic Stadium in Rome


After all, isn't this why we are called to service? To make this world we live in safer, more livable and more civil , which represents the community of Rome, a historic and eternal city?

I don't know if these words would be important to anyone. I only know that they act in order to improve a service not only for a specific group of workers, but for an entire community, which, it is well known, also goes beyond national borders, considering the countless number of people from around the world who, happily, go to the stadium for every game.

Working as a Steward in the Olympic Stadium in Rome


Finally, I want to remember that this service remains, even if it should remain so, the best that Italy can offer!

Thank you for reading this post!

Until next time!

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