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"Should I stay in a students residence or in a shared flat?" - this is the first question you're going to ask yourself. Well, let's say both have their pros and cons.

University Dorms

If you decide to live in a student residence, you should contact Studentenwerk Dresden and check availabilities, locations and prices. Usually, it is easy and they help you with all the bureaucratic stuff and they also try to give you a room close to your faculty. Living in a Student Residence can be a lot of fun. Like in other countries, students organise a lot of parties, dinners, activities during the whole week. It’s very easy to get in touch with a lot of new people from all over the world, as they usually are in the same situation as you: new country, new city!

Together with your new friends, you can start one of your best adventures in life. Discover new places together is always more fun than doing it alone. On the other side, students dorms are often very noisy, because of the parties. So, if you are studying for your exams and you want to pass them, it could be a little bit strenuous. Another important thing is language. As there are a lot of students with different nationalities living together, the main language is mostly English. So if you want to learn or improve your German skills, it could be harder here.

If you are interested in living in a Residence, you can check one of our Accommodation for students in Dresden and choose the University Dorm in Dresden that best suits you.

Sharing a flat

Shared flats are surely more common in Dresden and in Germany in general. You can check local newspapers, websites like Erasmusu or ads inside University buildings or bars. If people who are already living in these flats choose you, then you have the opportunity to immerse yourself into the real German lifestyle.

If your future flatmates are from Dresden, they can give you all their insider tips and show you around the most beautiful places of the city. It would be also a big plus for improving your language skills. Anyway, finding a good and affordable room can be difficult. In Germany, it is not like in other European countries where "the first-come, the first served". For one room, on average, there will be 10 people applying. So... you'll have to pass castings and be chosen by the flatmates.

A personal tip: Bring a bottle of wine to have a more relaxed conversation, it could make the difference!

Thanks to Erasmusu, finding an accomodation has never been easier! Whether you're looking for rooms for rent in shared flats in Dresden, or University Dorms, I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

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