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This is my translations blog with useful content for Erasmus in English

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  • Eurotrip #3: Berlin

    Hi everyone! Continuing with my account of my November spent travelling, today I'll be talking about a four day trip I made to Berlin with some of my flatmates mid-November. I'd already visited before before in 2008, but I was keen to visit this huge city again and get...

    0 by Helen, in Erasmus blog Berlin 5 years ago
  • Tips for learning German

    If you want to learn German, you should remember that it's a difficult language. Most people who have learned more than two languages find German to be a language whose difficulty can be classified as high. Considered from a grammatical point of view, German is...

    0 by Helen, in Erasmus blog Berlin 5 years ago
  • - Comparison site for shipping services

    [Update on 26th July 2012: I've been told that a friend of mine has entered into a legal dispute with this company after they lost her suitcases. The cheapness turned out expensive in the end... You can still read my recommendation below, but I'll end by recommending...

    0 by Helen, in Erasmus blog Aberystwyth 5 years ago
  • Leaving Parties

    First, it's worth noting that a 'farewell party' means something different to a Spaniard than it does to an Erasmus students. All Spaniards who hear these two words will immediately think of bachelor parties. For Erasmus students however, farewell parties are the most...

    0 by Helen, in General 5 years ago
  • Disneyland Paris

    Of all the trips I've been on in my 23 years, one of the ones I've enjoyed the most has to be Disneyland Paris. Whatever the worries or problems you have running through your head, when you arrive at the park, you'll forget all about them and be inundated with the magic...

    0 by Helen, in Erasmus blog Paris 5 years ago
  • The Spanish Flag

    Hi everyone. I think this blog entry of mine could be very interesting to you, since we live in a country where we often don't know about important stuff. The other day I was talking to my boyfriend, who's Brazilian, in our room, and we were both looking at our...

    0 by Helen, in Erasmus blog Spain 5 years ago
  • What's the cheapest way of travelling around Belgium and Holland?

    After having arrived safely in Brussels, we were now asking ourselves the same question we had a few days before in the city of Łódź; how could we save as much on transport as possible? This is something you definitely have to think about, since far from being stingy...

    0 by Helen, in Erasmus blog Brussels 5 years ago
  • You in London, me in Padua

    Since I've been living in Padua, I've learned that distance isn't measured in kilometres, but instead in hours spent travelling and how much you want to see each other. My story in this city started a bit like the title of the film*: ready to start an incredible year,...

    0 by Helen, in Erasmus blog Padua 5 years ago
  • The University of Córdoba

    I'm now going to tell you about the University of Córdoba, a place which really interests Erasmus students, or at least should do. Many of you come to Spain only thinking about the parties and not much about the studying, but if you do, you're very mistaken. Spanish...

    1 by Helen, in Erasmus blog Córdoba 5 years ago
  • Documents you'll need for your Erasmus exchange

    Hey everyone! I've decided today (although it's a bit obvious from the title) to tell you about the documents you'll need for going on your Erasmus exchange, since we all know there's always at least one scatterbrain who forgets something... hehehe. Source For all...

    0 by Helen, in Erasmus recipes 5 years ago
  • Getting a SIM card in Belgium

    Hey guys! Today I’m going to talk to you about the topic of getting a SIM card and mobile phone in Belgium, since it’s really important that you do. Whether you’re going on an Erasmus exchange for one semester or two, you’ll want to be able to communicate with...

    0 by Helen, in Erasmus tips 5 years ago
  • Religion in Croatia

    What's the religious influence like in Croatia? I can tell you that the Croatians are all peaceful, yet fervent believers. According to the most recent census, 87. 8% of the population identify as Catholics, 4. 4% as Orthodox Christians, 1. 3% as Muslim, 0. 3% as...

    0 by Helen, in Erasmus blog Croatia 5 years ago
  • Post-Erasmus Syndrome

    I don't know why it didn't occur to me before to write something on this topic - post-Erasmus syndrome. It's something that starts to worry Erasmus exchange students while they're enjoying their time abroad, but can see the day when they'll have to go home getting...

    0 by Helen, in Erasmus tips 5 years ago
  • Antwerp

    Hey everyone! Today I'm going to tell you about my trip to Antwerp, or Antwerpen, as the Dutch call it. Antwerp is a Belgian city with a population of 501, 400, so quite a large city in comparison with somewhere like Hasselt. The city's name comes from the Silvius...

    0 by Helen, in Erasmus blog Antwerp 5 years ago
  • The best places for partying in Vigo

    Vigo is a city with quite an active nightlife. The people there usually go out on Thursdays, Fridays and on Saturdays. On Thursday nights, it tends to mostly be the students who go out, as they don't have classes on Fridays and even if some of them do, they go out...

    0 by Helen, in Erasmus blog Vigo 5 years ago
  • I'm Mexican and I want to study in Italy! What should I do?

    Hey everyone! This is my second article and I want to talk about the basics (it's going to be a long post). This is dedicated to all my Mexican friends who, like it or not, all want to go and study in Italy. Suck it! :P So, you want to go to Italy but you don't know how...

    0 by Helen, in Erasmus blog Italy 5 years ago
  • Our first British festival, Bonfire Night!

    Remember, remember, the fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot, We see no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot... You probably know this quote from the famous (and very recommendable) film V for Vendetta, based on the comic of the same...

    0 by Helen, in Erasmus blog Leeds 5 years ago
  • Oxford Memories

    Hi everyone! Today I want to talk about a city which everyone has heard of, but not very many know the exact location of. I want to talk to you about Oxford, which thanks to its university is one of the most famous cities in England and one of the cities with the...

    0 by Helen, in Erasmus blog Oxford 5 years ago
  • Brighton 2010 - Visit to Oxford

    Another place we visited during our stay in Brighton in summer 2010 was Oxford. The suggestion was to go on a weekend trip, without staying overnight, to either Oxford, Cambridge or to a theme park somewhere. Most students wanted to go to Oxford, so in the end we all...

    0 by Helen, in Erasmus blog Oxford 5 years ago
  • Vegetable Sponge Cake

    I don't know if I've already told you about the place I was born, 50 kilometres from Valladolid and 60 from Segovia. It's a region where the primary economic activity is horticulture. The area is known as the Carracillo Region, and although you won't find it called that...

    0 by Helen, in Erasmus recipes 5 years ago

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