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Erasmus blog Padua

  • Delayed Response!

    Hello! I have not updated the blog since February, and it's not because things haven't happened, it's because I don't have the time to write down everything I want to say! I have seen that many of you are writing to me asking me questions, now is the time; ) Write all...

    0 by Mireille, one month ago
  • Darling Future Erasmus...

    He just quoted Nerea from # erasmussinmaletas:Why Birmingham? , and I already explained the Perché Padova, but what I did not say was eat Padova. One of the fears of the Erasmus is, surely, the language. In my school, you can see clearly that in the list of Erasmus...

    0 by Evie, 4 months ago
  • Padova and Ferrara

        My parents came to visit me on Erasmus and decided that they want to travel with me. Since we all have already been to cities like Verona, Florence and Venice we agreed that now we should visit a not so touristic place.     The plan was to go to Padua (or...

    0 by Katarina, 5 months ago
  • The starting point!

    Hi! Welcome to my blog. This post will be mainly about my choice regarding the receiving Country, and the reasons why. Let's start! I am André, a portuguese management student who loves to travel and discover new Countries. One day, a friend of mine, told me all his...

    0 by Andre, 8 months ago
  • You in London, me in Padua

    Since I've been living in Padua, I've learned that distance isn't measured in kilometres, but instead in hours spent travelling and how much you want to see each other. My story in this city started a bit like the title of the film*: ready to start an incredible year,...

    0 by Helen, one year ago
  • Love Shopping? Come To Padova

    I am a self-confessed shopaholic. I've managed to reign it in on my year abroad, as I'm not working, so I can't treat myself as much as I'd like. Still, whilst I'm in Padova, even if it's just window shopping, I love strolling up and down, like the locals, and browsing...

    0 by Mireille, one year ago
  • Why if you're an English student, you'll come to love studying in Padova

    When I first decided on my year abroad destinations for Italy, there was only one place that stood out to me. Bologna! I knew Bologna was a great location, there was a large student population, and luckily for me, my Italian family live a mere hour and a half away. When...

    0 by Mireille, one year ago

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