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  • Translation blog by Jennifer in English

Translation blog by Jennifer in English

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This is my translations blog with useful content for Erasmus in English

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  • Clermont-Ferrand: origin of the name and its coat of arms

    As I mentioned in the introduction to my blog, I love doing cultural research on the places, people, and heritage of the countries where I live or have visited. Thanks to the ERASMUS programme I had the opportunity to live in the town of Clermont-Ferrand for a year....

    0 by Jennifer, in Erasmus blog Clermont-Ferrand one month ago
  • Kénitra, Morocco

    Kénitra is a Moroccan town on the Atlantic coast, 55km from the capital, Rabat. The new part of the city was built by the French during their colonisation of Morocco during the 19th century. 12 km from Kénitra there is a small village called Mehdia which dates back to...

    0 by Jennifer, in Erasmus blog Kénitra one month ago
  • Ifrane, Morocco

    Ifrane is a town in northern Morocco, 65 km from Fès and 160 km from Taza. The town was built amongst the Middle Atlas mountains and it draws many Moroccan tourists in winter and summer alike. It is a favourite destination amongst mountain lovers and people who enjoy...

    0 by Jennifer, in Erasmus blog Ifrane one month ago
  • M'diq, Morocco

    M'diq (known as Rincon in Spanish) is a small village in the Tétouan province. In the summer it is very popular among Moroccan and foreign tourists alike due to the beautiful landscape, its beach, and also its proximity to the famous Marina Smir (15km from M'diq). The...

    0 by Jennifer, in Erasmus blog Morocco one month ago
  • Marina Smir, Morocco

    Marina Smir is the name of one of the beaches in the province of Tétouan. This paradise is located on the Mediterranean coast, 24 km north of the city of Tétouan. Life at Marina Smir This location doesn't really have a local population, except for a few farmers and...

    0 by Jennifer, in Erasmus blog Morocco one month ago
  • Saïdia, Morocco

    Saïdia is a small town in the Berkane province situated in Morocco's eastern region on the Mediterranean coast, it is precisely 65km from the city of Oudja, the region's capital. Life in Saïdia The local population is made up of fishermen and smugglers (they have...

    0 by Jennifer, in Erasmus blog Morocco one month ago
  • Taza, a town in Morocco

    Taza is my hometown, it is a Moroccan town situated in the north east of the country. It is 120 km from Fès and 230 km from Oujda. The town is located between two mountain ranges; the RIF mountain range and the Atlas mountain range at an altitude of 550m. It is the...

    0 by Jennifer, in Erasmus blog Morocco one month ago

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