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Taza, a town in Morocco

Taza is my hometown, it is a Moroccan town situated in the north east of the country. It is 120 km from Fès and 230 km from Oujda. The town is located between two mountain ranges; the RIF mountain range and the Atlas mountain range at an altitude of 550m. It is the main route between east and west Morocco. It is a popular destination among nature lovers, especially those who like mountainous regions. It is also popular among those who like caving, hiking and mountaineering.

Life in Taza

Life is generally very calm in this town, the locals are humble and friendly, the traditional Moroccan simplistic approach to life dominates the town. Winter here brings cold weather, with temperatures dropping as low as -2 degrees Celsius. In summer, temperatures reach 46 degrees. It is one of the safest towns in Morocco.


To reach Taza you can take the train or a coach from Fès which will cost approximately 5 euros. To get around the town itself you can take the bus or taxis to go to the city centre or the old town which is called Taza haut.


The cost of hotels in Taza ranges between 15 and 50 euros per night per person. You will also find that people rent out their houses and apartments for a much lower price, around 25 euros per night. The price of accommodation will vary depending on its proximity to the town centre.

Nature in and around Taza

Taza has a rich mountainous natural zone, especially around the Atlas mountain region, there you will find incredible places that I recommend you visit, including:

Bab Bou Idir

Taza, a town in Morocco

Located 32 km from Taza within the Moyen Atlas mountains at an altitude of 1584 metres. Below you can be seen chalets in the forest where you could spend the night for 10 euros (no matter how many people are staying), nearby there is a cold water pool so you wont be able to resist swimming in this incredible landscape.

Taza, a town in Morocco

Taza, a town in Morocco

Bab Bou Idir is also very close to the Tazekka national park, a good place for those who love hiking through forests where you can see many species of plants and animals native to the region.

Taza, a town in Morocco

Taza, a town in Morocco

During the winter, the mountains of Bab Bou Idir are covered in snow, giving the landscape a different look and a bright white colour that attracts many ski enthusiasts.

Barrage Bab Louta

This dam is situated between Bab Bou Idir and the town of Tahla, it attracts many keen anglers because of the richness of the fish populations (carp, trout, pike, perch, zander, roach and many others).

Taza, a town in Morocco

Taza, a town in Morocco

Taza, a town in Morocco

The water is very clean so you can also go swimming there in the summer. It costs 25 euros to spend the night in a hostel near the dam.

Taza, a town in Morocco

Friouato Cave

This is one of the most well-known caves among explorers of Moroccan caves, lots of tourists visit every year because of the depth and the stunning interior.

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