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Kénitra, Morocco

Kénitra is a Moroccan town on the Atlantic coast, 55km from the capital, Rabat. The new part of the city was built by the French during their colonisation of Morocco during the 19th century. 12 km from Kénitra there is a small village called Mehdia which dates back to the Roman empire (1st century), a castle from the time remains today - kasbah de Mehdia.

Kénitra, Morocco

Life in Kénitra

Life is fairly normal in this town which is famous for its high quality fish. The village belongs to the Kénitra province (Bouknadel) where agriculture flourishes (due to the underground water being close to the surface). You will find plenty of garden centres where you can buy decorative plants. There is also the Exotic Gardens, for 5 euros per person you can spend the day in this park admiring the plans which aren't native to Morocco. You can also purchase some of the plants.

Kénitra, Morocco


To reach Kénitra you can take the train from Rabat for 5 euros. Buses and taxis are available within the town itself and can take you out to the beach at Mehdia.

Kénitra, Morocco


The price for hotels in Kénitra ranges between 20 and 50 euros per night per person. People also tend to rent out their houses and apartments for a lower price, around 20 euros per night. On the Mehdia beach you can rent a villa for 200 euros per night.

The beaches at Kénitra

Among the beaches at Kénitra, the most well known are Mehdia, the United Nations beach and Moulay Bousselham beach. The beach at Mehdia is the most popular among tourists and locals because of its theme parks and games, as well as its proximity to the town.

Photo of Mehdia beach

Kénitra, Morocco

Photo of the United Nations beach

Kénitra, Morocco

A gorgeous view of sunset at Moulay Bousselham beach

Kénitra, Morocco

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