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M'diq, Morocco

M'diq (known as Rincon in Spanish) is a small village in the Tétouan province. In the summer it is very popular among Moroccan and foreign tourists alike due to the beautiful landscape, its beach, and also its proximity to the famous Marina Smir (15km from M'diq). The village is situated on the Mediterranean coast, 23 km north of Tétouan. It must be noted that the king of Morocco has a palace at M'diq where he will sometimes spend his holidays.

M'diq, Morocco

Life in M'diq

There is a very small local population, mainly made up of farmers, fishermen and merchants. It is usually empty during the cold seasons but is very popular in the summer. It is northern Morocco's ultimate tourist spot and it is a very safe area due to the police presence, so you can be sure of your safety during your stay. At night, a range of musicians congregate along the beachfront.


To reach M'diq you will need to take a Grand Taxi or a bus from Tétouan for 2 euros. Since it is a moderately sized village you wont need to take transportation to get around this little paradise. Besides, you will love walking along the golden sands during the day or grabbing a coffee on the terrace of one of the seaside cafes whilst admiring the gorgeous views.


M'diq has many hotels ranging from budget to luxury, their price varying between 20 euros per night per person and 200 euros per night per person. However, you will also find houses, apartments and villas that can be rented. Their prices range depending on their proximity to the beach and their particular location, most prices are between 20 and 60 euros per night.

M'diq, Morocco

Food and Drink

The village is renowned for its restaurants specialising in fish, you will find almost every Mediterranean fish is available on the menu. Prices range according to the type of fish. I suggest trying traditional Moroccan mint tea.

The Beach

The beach is very clean and is popular among tourists, the water is very calm and clear (you can even see the sand below). It is the ideal spot to practice water sports (M'diq has a port where you can leave your equipment such as jet-skis or boats). At night, many anglers fill the beach and spend the night in safety.

M'diq, Morocco

M'diq, Morocco

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