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Marina Smir, Morocco

Marina Smir is the name of one of the beaches in the province of Tétouan.

This paradise is located on the Mediterranean coast, 24 km north of the city of Tétouan.

Marina Smir, Morocco

Life at Marina Smir

This location doesn't really have a local population, except for a few farmers and fishermen. It is often empty during the cold season but is very busy in the summer. It is the ultimate tourist spot and has many tourist attractions, including dozens of luxury hotels and B&Bs. Due to the number of tourists who visit, the place is well protected by the local police so you can be certain that you will be safe throughout the day and night.


To get here you will need to take a Grand Taxi (a taxi that is permitted to leave the city limits) from Tétouan for 3 euros. As it is a small town you might want to go to a slightly bigger city at night (such as Martil or M'diq), or if you want to go shopping or find some cheaper cafes or restaurants. Bear in mind that Marina Smir is notoriously expensive.


Marina Smir is home to many luxury hotels, B&Bs and villas, the price of which is usually over 150 euros per night. However you could rent a house or an apartment in Martil or M'diq where prices range between 15 and 30 euros per night according to distance from the beach. (It must be said that Martil and M'diq also boast incredible beaches of their own. )

The beach at Marina Smir

Marina Smir, Morocco

This clean beach is very popular among tourists, both from Morocco and abroad, the water is very calm and clean and it is so clear that you can see the sand at the bottom. It is an ideal spot for those who enjoy water sports (there is a port where you can leave your vehicles such as jet-skis and boats).

Marina Smir, Morocco

Part of the Rif mountain range can be seen across from the beach, an area visited by many hikers and nature lovers. Go at sunrise or sunset to be treated to beautiful views of the beach at these two stunning moments. In this area you will also find the Smir park, a theme park where you can have a fun-packed day.

Marina Smir, Morocco

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