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Saïdia, Morocco

Saïdia is a small town in the Berkane province situated in Morocco's eastern region on the Mediterranean coast, it is precisely 65km from the city of Oudja, the region's capital.

Life in Saïdia

The local population is made up of fishermen and smugglers (they have strong economic links with Algerian smugglers) due to its geographic position near the border between Morocco and Algeria. They are particularly active in the smuggling of petrol. However, the majority of the population are down-to-earth and very kind. The town is generally safe (especially during the summer when the police force increases its presence to keep Moroccan and foreign tourists safe. . )

The city has a wonderful climate due to its coastal position. During the summer the town is full of tourists who come to have fun and take advantage of the sunny beaches of Saïdia.


To get here it is necessary to take a Grand Taxi (a taxi that can travel beyond city limits) from Oudja (2 euros). There isn't a transport system within Saïdia due to its small size.


The historic town has a wide range of hotels (from budget hotels to 5 star establishments) whose price varies between 10 euro per night per person to 200 euros per night per person. You can also rent houses or apartments, for which the price varies between 20 and 40 euros per night depending on the distance from the beach and the city centre.

Saïdia's beaches

The beaches of Saïdia stretch for several kilometres, from the Moroccan/Algerian border all the way to the city of Nador. Each beach is different, from the type of sand to its distance from the town centre. Luxury hotels, international hostels and theme parks (particularly water parks) can be found along Saïdia's coastline. The town also boasts the Marina Saïdia, a tourist destination comprising of several luxury boutiques and high quality restaurants.

Despite the popularity of the beaches they are very clean, the water is calm, clear and clean. And as I said beforehand, each beach is unique, the following list includes some of them alongside a short description:

The city-centre beach

On this beach there are many theme parks and rental companies for water sports equipment (jet skis, surfing, kayaking, diving etc). This beach is usually filled with tourists from Morocco and abroad who love to spend their day having fun in the sun.

Saïdia, Morocco

Cap de l'eau beach

This beach is the ideal place for anglers, the cleanliness of the water and the rocky cliffs attracts many types of fish (sea bream, sole and other coastal fish). The following photo shows the number of anglers who visit this beach every summer.

Saïdia, Morocco

Sid El Bachir beach

This is one of Saïdia's most beautiful beaches, it is situated 60 km north of the city. This wild beach is of exceptional beauty. Generally it is popular among families who prefer the calmness and beauty of the landscape.

Saïdia, Morocco

Saïdia, Morocco

Saïdia, Morocco

Saïdia, Morocco

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