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This is my translations blog with useful content for Erasmus in English

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  • Cantonese Fried Rice

    Today I'm recommending a dish to you which you'll have already tasted in any Chinese restaurant and it might’ve even become one of those dishes that you order every time you go there: Cantonese Fried Rice. In all Asian countries rice is a king. It's not possible to...

    0 by Amy, in Erasmus recipes one year ago
  • Madrid Metro

    Madrid Metro The Madrid Metro es probably the simplest, quickest, cheapest and most comfortable way to travel around the city. Although it's a good way of travelling, its level of comfort very much depends on the time you chose to travel, because sometimes during rush...

    0 by Amy, in General one year ago
  • Christmas in Naples

    Hi everyone. Today is 25th December and I really want to tell you about some of the festive traditions in my country. So I'll be telling you how Italians, specifically Neapolitans, celebrate Christmas. In Italy, especially in Naples people respect ancient traditions,...

    0 by Amy, in Erasmus blog Naples one year ago
  • The Worst Exam of my Life

    Source   The worst exam of my life... this is a topic I don't joke about. This is a very serious subject. Today I felt stupid, as if I didn't know anything, as if I hadn't studied anything. I think each one of us has felt like that: stupid, idiotic and hopeless. So...

    0 by Amy, in Erasmus blog US one year ago
  • Spanish Cuisine #6: Empanadas

    I hope that none of my Argentine friends read this post, or at least, if they do I hope they can appreciate the pictures without reading the text. Jokes aside, I was quite surprised to discover that, contrary to popular belief, empanadas weren't first made in Argentina...

    0 by Amy, in Erasmus recipes 2 years ago

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