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Erasmus in Maribor is an unforgettable experience.

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  • Rebecca Horn in Maribor

    When I went to Maribor it turned out that the city was European Capital of Culture. There were some very interesting events that were part of this program. One of them was an exhibition of a famous German artist, named Rebecca Horn. I went to see her works and then I...

    0 by Bo, in General 7 years ago
  • My experience when sharing a flat and tips

    What is it like to share a flat? If you have never shared a flat before, you might be asking yourself how it would be to share with other people. I can assure you it really depends. Sometimes it is great fun to share with other students, especially if you are an...

    0 by Bo, in Erasmus tips 7 years ago
  • Living in Maribor

    Source Living in Maribor is great. It is a rather small city (despite the fact it is the second largest city in Slovenia) but there are a lot of stuff you can do. To start with, there are lots of small cafés and bars where you can have a drink or coffee in the...

    0 by Bo, in Erasmus blog Maribor 7 years ago
  • What to See in Slovenia: Predjamski grad and Logarska dolina

    I talked about the beautiful country of Slovenia in my some of my previous posts. It is a very small country (about three hundred kilometers from one end to another) and yet extremely diverse in nature. It has both a sea side and high mountains; caves and valleys… The...

    0 by Bo, in Erasmus blog Slovenia 7 years ago
  • What to See in Slovenia Part 1

    There is a lot to see in the small but beautiful country of Slovenia. In part 1 of “What to See in Slovenia” I told you about great places you might like. Here is the second part in which I will talk about my most favorite sights in the country. Bled Lake Bled is an...

    0 by Bo, in Erasmus blog Slovenia 7 years ago
  • Welcome to Maribor

    I was one of the last students to arrive in Maribor before the beginning of the first semester in October. People were so excited and anxious about accommodation, parties, the university and so on, that most of them were in the city 5 or 10 days before the start of the...

    1 by Bo, in Erasmus blog Maribor 7 years ago
  • Eating in Maribor

    Source Social life in Maribor is great but not in the sense you might expect. Why? Because Slovenia has this very social policy which allows students to benefit from the system to its fullest. Education in Slovenia is not paid but this is not all. Students receive...

    0 by Bo, in Erasmus blog Maribor 7 years ago
  • Studying in Maribor

    Studying in Maribor is not too difficult. In some cases, it could be easy and fun. It depends on your faculty. There are many subjects that are only taught in Slovenian language. There are some taught in English as well, and those you will probably have to attend. I,...

    0 by Bo, in Erasmus blog Maribor 7 years ago
  • Accommodation in Maribor

    I did my Erasmus in Maribor, Slovenia. I knew little about the country but since I really love the mountain and outdoor activities, I knew it would be a great choice. When I applied for Erasmus exchange I could list five cities in which I wanted to do my Erasmus but in...

    0 by Bo, in Erasmus tips 7 years ago
  • Slovenia, mon amour

    I did a two semester exchange in Slovenia. Never heard of it? No worries. It's a tiny country, right next to Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia. And, by the way, by saying that Slovenia is small I really mean small. It has a population of about two million people and...

    0 by Bo, in Erasmus blog Slovenia 7 years ago

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