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    Instituto Ricardo Brennand

    For art and history lovers, this Institute is a must-go place, once in Recife.  It is a castle, located in a huuuge park, and it includes the enormous collection of business man Ricardo Brennand.  The place, all in all, is really nice, and I think it represents an...

    by Elena Sofia in What to do Recife, 4 years ago
  • Place

    Agistri's Island

    Agistri, or Angistri is a wonderful island near Athens - and close to the more famous Egina, which is about 10 minutes by boat.  The island has two main ports, but it is very small: we walked from one side to the other in less than 1 hour! This place is a real...

    by Elena Sofia in What to do Athens, 4 years ago
  • Blog

    My number 1 place: East Side Gallery

    What I learned living in Berlin is that this is a city that continuosly changes, so I hope that my tips will still be valid after 3 years! I used to live in F'hain (Friedrichshain), east-side, and my number 1 place was absolutely the East Side Gallery.  The Gallery is...

    0 by Elena Sofia in Erasmus tips, 4 years ago
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    Temple of Aphaia

    Aegina is a small island not far from Athens, well known for its production of pistachios, so if you pass through, catch the opportunity to taste their pistachios liquor!  The temple is simply wonderful, and the majority of the structure has been well preserved.  ...

    by Elena Sofia in What to see Aegina, 4 years ago
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    Olinda (city)

    Last time I went to Brazil I had the luck to stay at a friend's place, who showed me many places for locals, and even drove me to Olinda: a colorful pearl. All you have to do to enjoy Olinda is go walking. Really!  Explore every little street, every corner and every...

    by Elena Sofia in What to see Recife, 4 years ago
  • Place

    Portillo's Restaurant

    I've been to Chicago a while ago, but the taste of this sandwich is something I will never forget in my entire life.  I have eaten Portilio's' burgers three times in 5 days, and never regretted it!!  The Restaurant itself is soooo nice! It is just so tipical.. The...

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    I have been to Berlin twice before my Erasmus, and I haven't visited many museums (I know, not so good.. ) but this one, is a true must-see if you are in the city, seriously. I was born in Rome, and I live here since ever, so I am used to antiques, but the...

    by Elena Sofia in What to see Berlin, 4 years ago
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    When I was 16 I went to Austria for a semester, and I had the best time ever! I lived in Upper Austria, in a very small town, but fortunately trains connect the whole Country magnificently, and this gave me the chance to travel a lot.  I didn't have much money to go...

    by Elena Sofia in What to see Salzburg, 4 years ago
  • Place

    Oficina Brennand

    A magic place! Without any doubt, this is one of my favourite places on Earth.  It is really simplistic to talk about it as an art gallery, because this is a whole piece of territory - a sort of neighborhood - filled with the artworks of just one man: Francisco...

    by Elena Sofia in What to see Recife, 4 years ago
  • Blog

    How to get in the Berliner mood

    Today I want to talk about some movies and songs about Berlin that can help you to get in the mood!  Songs Heroes - David Bowie One of my favourite song is absolutely "Heroes", from David Bowie; the artist lived in Schöneberg, a neighborhood in the west side of the...

    0 by Elena Sofia in Erasmus tips, 4 years ago
  • Blog

    A brief introduction to my experience

    Hi guys!My name is Elena, and I'm an Italian girl living in Rome. In 2013 I went to Berlin for six months (which, eventually, became 12), and I'm here today to share my special tips to all those who want to visit this amazing city out of the common tourists traps! When...

    0 by Elena Sofia in General, 4 years ago

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