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Agistri's Island

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Pure Relax

Published by flag-it Elena Sofia Bianchi — 6 years ago

Agistri, or Angistri is a wonderful island near Athens - and close to the more famous Egina, which is about 10 minutes by boat. 

The island has two main ports, but it is very small: we walked from one side to the other in less than 1 hour!

Pure Relax

This place is a real paradise on Earth, and most tourists are Greeks, so you won't find many foreigners there. 

There is no stress here, and if you are looking for a week of pure relax, I suggest you to take a visit to Agistri, a far place from urban stress and smog. 

We staied at a wonderful hotel, Kekrifalia, which has all comforts, a good restaurant, and a tiny private beach on the rocks. 

Pure Relax

Adventure lovers, instead, can find a camping park near the Dragonera beach.

Pure Relax

Despite the small dimension, the island offers a lot of restaurants and bars - especially in the area of the ports - where you can ejoy your evenings. 

Pure Relax


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