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why sleep

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Published by flag-nl MS TN — 8 years ago

During my exchange period in Greece, I have visited many places, cities. But no place stood out like Why Sleep did. The cafe/club ambiance is magical, the service is impeciable and the people are so at ease. The drinks they serve, you cannot stop drinking and the music selection is just about right. Not too much of this genre or the other, it is the perfect playlist that makes the night so special. The waiters are carefully selected based on charm, physical appearance and skills. Pretty much the entire staff is like a vogue catalogue. Each time you go is better than the other, it was so addictive. They have special dancers/entertainers. When you visit Why Sleep you forget about your problems, hell you forget even who you are. What astonished me is that everyone who goes there has the same feeling. I thought I was crazy, even my friends abroad who visited me did not stop gushing about it. It is so crutial to visit local places when you're on exchange and try not stay with Erasmus students only,you will miss out on these experiences. The first thing that I will do when I go back to Greece is visit Why Sleep!!! Consider it!!!

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