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Published by flag-ye Sala Hassan — 5 years ago

It was a family trip from Riyadh and on Saudi Arabian Airlines to Istanbul and a commercial airline flight to Athens and arrived late on Sept. 2 I decided to stay at a hotel near the airport and for more about the hotel you can see the link below Upon arrival at Istanbul airport I saw traffic I've never seen in my life. The trips were from everywhere and the world was strangely crowded, I was expecting that I would not need a visa to enter Turkish territory and the reason is that I am a transit traveler only and when I was tired in the jam and at the bad employee she told me first I dont speak English and in a way She's not polite, and I got to talk to you about needing a visa. I went to the visa office and asked me $60 for the villa alone and only accept a dollar or euro or pound sterling even Turkish does not accept it I paid the money and went to the fairies and ended and thank God it was the difference between my arrival from Saudi and my other trip three Yen is more than eight hours, but it was excellent because of the length of Turkish actions. I talked to some friends about my flight Planner. Some of them mentioned to me that four many days for me Athens and not worth it but two days is enough for her downstairs. I will tell you about my opinion in Athens. Is it worth two or four days to depart from King Khalid International Airport 2 September and 1125 hours aboard Saudi Arabian Airlines and access to s Turnbull and then leave Istanbul at 0925 p.m. to Athens and the journey to Athens is two and a quarter hours and I am getting to Athens airport I decided to crash on Sept. 3 in the direction of Crete or Hercline. On the morning of September 3rd, I went to Athens airport. The airport is of medium size and at night I arranged with the hotel and booked in the hotel transportation to take me to the airport and could arrange before arrival and be at my reception and get to the hotel and this thing I see a lot in Greece hotels it is considered a service that compels them to It has Greek tourism instead of paying 40 euros for the airport this service is for you the big bags were suffering with me and airlines during my trip from Istanbul to Ithaca but thankfully the things were good. Shipped full bags (2) Large (3) bag cabin as well as the hotel's involvement in carrying it at the hotel bus which c They have to dedicate me and my family to this as I go to Athinia Airport My trip on Sept. 3 to Crete, down in Greece, was a flight hour away from the capital on a commercial trip that cost me about 2800 riyals for all and these islands need to be booked early to avoid high flying prices if you are late my trip was on an airline called Sky Express and I dont recommend it from my experience In contrast to the airlines that came out from Istanbul to Athens it was excellent and its name is Aegean air First it didnt get to the little airport I needed some metal euro to use the luggage cart and after I got out of the airport I found a taxi waiting point and I went out with one of them there was a simple problem and it was solved that the number of beds 5 and 2 is only four and you need a large addition to the bags I talked to the driver And they are friendly and walking with them soft style He agreed to take me to the villa, where she was rented for 35 euros and was about 35 minutes from the airport on top of a mountain overlooking the city of Heraklion, Villa Volard, accompanied by a nice Greek lady living in the same place. This villa is wonderful and its location or in Alkhaya Because when you sit for breakfast in the balcony and watch the city under you or be on the sunset in the imagination leave it with the photos and prices and the link to the Villa Vollard The island of Crete is a very big Island and you can see more about this island here there are more than one city but the most important cities are Khania then Shermenon, Heraklion and come their preference in order first of all and they are all tourist cities full of tourists to the villa they were between Shermenon, Heraklion and their site is excellent For me Crete does not work without hiring a car I rented a small car worth 50 euros a day, but you served me a lot. and dont forget to do the Internet and use the navigational charts on your computer because things are becoming very easy with the car and technology after I set up Amori and I went to a Greek restaurant according to Ms. Sahib's advice The villa and I was on a high level in terms of website and food prices were the prices of the people of Aljazeera because there are no tourists attending this restaurant . After lunch I was crowned to the main street of Heraklion city and I went to the supermarket to take some supplies I advise to buy fruit it is tasty and other than that we get cautious of drinking tap water but the water that is good at sunset I didn't miss it at the villa, and then I prayed Maghrib and dinner and brought it to the center of the city. The historical which is a whole lot of restaurants coffee shop and Greeks around the Mayenson fountain and I advise everyone to visit it although I prefer to visit it in the day but the city is safe and I have not seen what is alarming but the opposite the Greek people watched well and loved families and helped in this arena Several restaurants, an Italian restaurant, is one of the five finest restaurants on the island. In addition to the fountain, there's the piazza. And it is not in the big yard but the tourists come to them and watch the shows and some other things like a telecom company that used to sell slices around the fountain and maligned in this area the difficulty of getting parking but like I said to you one can stop his car away from The jam and walks to it and I dont recommend going to it after 11 pm because the bars are there and what happens in them as well as the first day ends on 3 September on the island of Crete This day is dedicated to the city of Thermenon and Khania, a beautiful city in Crete, 45 km from the El Rey headquarters and 90 km from the town of Chania Thermenon, with a good waterfront, with restaurants, coffee shops and a seaside walkway, as well as sandy beaches with soft beaches on Thermenon-Ted See the hotel interview in the sense that the beach is leased from the Government and the property provides umbrellas and free Wi-Fi and all services in a very reasonable amount means about 9 euros for the one and two chairs and this is an excellent service I prefer it in addition, the hotel offers you eating, drinking and ice cream in reasonable amounts and ensures that you Visitors to this beach are limited but expect to see shapes and scenes that we may not like, so we should wake up. At lunchtime, I walked along the coast towards the Lemon Garden Restaurant, which is a seafood and Greek food (barbecue) and salad, a restaurant worth a visit, plus this is a garden term. It's where the pomegranate and lemon trees are, and that's probably what the visitors liked and these are some pictures of the restaurant. Near the restaurant there is a mosque, or mosque, which is the mosque of Hasan Pasha from the Ottoman civilization in the middle after lunch went out towards Khania, a city away from El Rey headquarters, about 96 kilometers in the western part of Crete, which is the most popular destination for tourists around the world. This city is also great and needs A whole day to visit her, and I meant the waterfront and the old enamel in Chania, with historic places, restaurants and coffee shops worth stopping, especially at sundown. The old port area is so much fun as the restaurants and coffee shop for me I stopped at a seafood store and tasted Greek shawarma It's meat, potatoes, yogurt, but I don't like it. I came back to the villa and it ends September 5th Last day in Crete, I decided to visit the Denim park and the one whose publicity was with me at the airport, and in the water park, a small-sized dinosaur garden, which tells the story of the dinosaur era and the way that animal disappears, as well as some educational things about the dinosaur. And a three-dimensional view of the dinosaur stage and consider it good for a visit. After getting out of the park and took the time in the garden for about an hour I went to lunch on Limonço Beach where the waterfront and several restaurants and coffee shops in that area and you are on the waterfront of Manas you will see a lot of tourist offices offering programs and excursions the majority of us haven't visited. And never heard the important compared to the prices and sure it suits you for example samima a long walking area that does not suit families and children for a lot of rugged areas and has special shoes and so I advise you to ask the office that you will book on the occasion of these programs for you and your family and what are the suitable clothes and shoes and so in not Good find ships that come out on short and exploratory flights in addition to renting boats and yachts from this area and a lot of offshore activities then I went to the harbor where our ship was going to Santorini and to know the time between the port and my residence and when booking and wanted to travel by sea You will find one of two ports in Hercline and the second in Chania choose the closest of you and reserve and know that the distance between cities is not simple This ship to the right of the screen is booked at the lowest score and at the price of about 60 euro for adults and for youngsters a little less and they count to two years and on these huge ships you can carry your car and furniture and all your seats are very comfortable and there is a small coffee shop inside the ship and all you need and their location is in the left pictures Today is 6 September and ready to leave Crete and I think to enjoy you need 5 days on the island for its large size and many tourism activities if your residence is on the top of the mountain you should be among the clothes of a little heavy he rented a car to get to the beautiful places with ease of caution while driving Surveillance cameras for speed everywhere. Caution while walking from reckless drivers, motorcycles and air riders to the Port of Heraklion and delivering the car to the company at the port and this is the convenient way for you to get the bags down on the ship and get it inside you yourself there is no one that helps you It's early and stop near the ship and get your bags down. If security is there, explain to them that you only want to put the bags down, and they're cooperating and smiling. The booking paper I took from the internet is not enough. Go to the company office for the ship and you'll be given tickets to the rear of the ship. The staff are directing you to your seats, and this is their location. I booked in a 5 star hotel and close to the middle of the capital Vera 5 minutes I didn't want to be there because I had kids, and I feared them to fall. The area is dangerous if the parents are not afraid of them. I rented a hotel suite with a private pool, but I couldn't swim all the time. Although we are in September around 4 pm I requested Vera and enjoyed the views of the narrow streets and shops and the beautiful view of the old Port of the harbor and visited the cable car (cable car) and this brings you down to 5 euros for adults and 2.5 euros for the last two years yesterday I booked a cruise through the tourist offices in Vera and the cruises The flight schedule is in the old harbor, riding a wooden ship, heading for a spring, and swimming for 45 minutes. The ship is like what they say in the pictures are wooden ships and some of them are clean although they are wooden and inside these ships in it God give you water courses I advise everyone before going to a condom. Q and bring caps and sunglasses and boots suitable for climbing and walking on rocks and some fruit for the trip the company sells some biscuits and cold on deck and the company is not really encouraging to replicate the experience with it The first station was the hot springs saying it was saturated with iron and from the ground, and for those who wanted to swim, it had to be perfect for that. Anyway I asked who went down to say what is important the ship stopped on the beach 550 meters away and swimming to the springs place you will see the color of the water tends For a few tourists, he took a swim with him, like floating poles. You can swim with your kids. The tour operators say we do not recommend who has a blood pressure or is not able to swim with decency because the iron saturated water consumes a lot of your energy as the team says after you finish swimming in the springs Warm the wooden ship of the volcano and docked in a port dedicated to docking on it and heading to the top of the volcanic peak entrance fee of EUR 2.5 and walk to the pond about 35 minutes and enjoy the heat of the volcano and the imaging there and then return to the wooden ship The truth this experiment I had a desire To do it, but if you have children, you have less choice. After the volcano is over we rode a ship smaller than the iship to Jenna and went to a village to meet Vera with a population of approximately 300 coveted people and a coffee shop and one port to go down and eat some coffee for them and walk the beach in the village of Thilasia and the rest of the beaches of Santorini Rocky Island and will not You find Sandy these islands are volcanic, almost 45 minutes in the village. The ship and the group left for an area at sea to meet the city of Oya, but at sea it is considered by some of the most beautiful places in the world where you can see the sunset. White buildings at the top of the picture are resorts and art It's more accurate than the top, and it's compared to Vera, a small town, but its buildings are more sophisticated than Vera. The sunset of the wooden ship is true at this moment the crew of the ship is ready for this moment, which it considers special, and they distribute alcohol to everyone. The picture above shows you the picture I see a lot of the tourists that are filming about the trip its cost if im not mistaken about 30 euro and the kids 10 years and above half price if you have kids then I dont recommend this trip because simply the kids still have to sell or the volcano and it was the best thing the trip was watching The village and the people riding in the iship and sunset certainly after the sun was gone we went back to the port and we rode the cable car and dined at a restaurant close to the cable car with a charming view and this ends my day before day 8 September I passed the hotel reception and asked them to nominate me for a special restaurant During sunset, a restaurant was nominated and a table was booked in this restaurant and concentrated in the reservation. When they put you in the second row, you order the first row. I mean the sun when the last people go out and say goodbye to the city The sun rises and my kids are late not like usual I mean about 9 in the morning and I had breakfast and then on the villa pool so that the kids are nice and day and night but the problem and the Stranger The Sun is hot and the pool is cold and there is nothing Special deserves to go early on the contrary before sundown an hour and a half is the best time to go anyway my car got on the date and headed to Oya I went to the restaurant where I booked and found everything as required. All your booking is due to the hotel and this is their work and duty just select the day and the hour and by the way it is worth a moment to be booked and stopped at if the Westerners see how they appreciate this moment and shoot it and hug between them is something strange sometime You say these people are better than us and more sensitive and sometimes they say that they are silly and stupid I booked a taxi before sunset and took approximately 35 euro and the trip duration is about 25 minutes till I arrived a lot and went down in the main square of the city and there is no difference from Vera except that the buildings are more modern and wider but the same thing On a generation that means a lot of coming up and down but I have to visit the city and I went to the restaurant to reserve a table which is almost in the northern part of the city and you watch the sunset without hindrance because it has a high view and the restaurants on the island are as many as I said to you with Ace We live in the hotel for people who choose the quality of the restaurant and time and book before it one day and it ended after the sun was away I went out of the restaurant and walked in Vera and took some night photos there and then called the Cab office and went back with him to the hotel In the morning, I went to the black beach or the dark shore, and it's because of the naming of the small black volcanic lava on the beach, which is not on the sandy shore, but a beach with small black rocks and a beach swim, I think. There are umbrellas for restaurants that hire these umbrellas. Worth 10 euros They and this thing are spread in Athens and some restaurants if you don't eat them they don't let you sit on the beach. I mean you feel that the beach belongs to them and some beaches offer you free Wi-Fi and a sweet water shower after swimming in the sea and offering you food and drink applications when you are in your place I advise everyone before To leave the room with sunscreen, especially children, sunglasses, hats, and expect to see some scenes that don't fit our habit or our religion just before sunset I asked the restaurant to call a taxi, contact someone who seems to be a friend of his, agreed on the trip and take me to the restaurant. For dinner and it was agreed and I went to a seafood restaurant named Mario Wen and ate the best fish and seafood in addition to his location on the beach This morning I left Santorini in the direction of Athens and I advise everyone to reserve the transportation before one or two nights and go before the trip at least 3 hours in the tourism season on the island month 7, 8 and 9 The reason is that the airport is too small and the people are on top of the crowd and the queue is next to the queue For the luggage you have yourself for the explosive detection device and you are waiting in a small lounge for all the flights until the bus arrives and you are on the plane to me you booked with the Aegean Airlines and I advise all of them to have big and reasonable prices and to stay on the issue of luggage the website of the airline The Aegean Sea flight from Santorini to Athens lasted less than an hour and the most appropriate time I thought was taking off from 11 pm to 12 pm The hotel has reached Brazil suites boutique in Qalada District and is considered a good area and for more about this hotel you can visit the hotel's homepage Brasil Suites Boutique Hotel, Glyfada, Athens, Greece After getting here and the nice welcoming I went to the Nice hotel pool with the kids and swimming in this swimming pool at the time of the afternoon I visited the nearby area of the hotel such as the beach, restaurants and coffee shop nearby. What distinguishes Qalada is the abundance of restaurants and shops and the good coffee shop in this region In the early morning and after breakfast at the hotel and their breakfast is very good and headed to a mall of medium size and is about 40 minutes away from the hotel and if you have time I go to this mall it's fine. After the mall I went to the downtown and went to the open tourist buses where the blue Line and the red and the last plan shorter and Yum At most of the tourist sites I chose After the tour of the tourist buses I went to a nearby area called Menzik with several restaurants but the best one is the Thnasys restaurant specializing in barbecue and shawarma but the taste of something in imagination After breakfast I went to a port close to me and I had paid the tickets through their website and it was within the value of the ticket transportation from the hotel to the cruise ship was for three islands from 7 am to 7 am Morocco and the trip was fine. You need all you needed while you were going ashore At the end of the trip they offered us a private cruise and swim in a sandy beach but the surprise is that this trip is on a bad boat and the whole beach is a stone Today this was a shopping mall at Attica and the Metro mall the last day in Athens was dedicated to Wu's leisure visit, which is the only semi-city entertainment center for Young and old, but ancient and small-sized.


Published by flag- Andrea Por el mundo — 3 years ago


Syntagma Station

We had the opportunity to discover this amazing country during our summer vacations.

First of all we booked our flights with Ryanair and then our acommodation through Booking, also we also checked some houses and private departments Airbnb.

Once in Athens we went to our place to rest, since we have been in Rome during the day :). Athens is a place that remember exactly the ancient era, do not expect something modern or elitist. Athens is something else and although places like the Zeus Temple are in ruins like most of the city, still is wonderful to discover.




Its gardens are beautiful to get inspired!

There are some green areas to rest and walk around where you can admire the Acropolis from other perspective!


Acropolis Museum


Greek salad


Not easy to understand, yes?

It wasn´t easy for us at the beginning because it sounded us like Russian, but Edu was deciphering little byt little every word thanks to all that we have learned from our childhood like this : Geography (from Greek: γεωγραφία, geographia)

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