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  • Place

    Mirador de San Nicolás

    El Mirador de San Nicolas, el más famoso de la ciudad, de visitada obligatoria en su viaje por Granada. Este balcón se encuentra en el barrio del Albaicín situado justo enfrente de la Alhambra. (Vista del barrio del Albaicín y del mirador de San Nicolás, marcado...

    by Becks in What to see Granada, 3 years ago
  • Place


    La primera vez que ves algo de Holanda, te encantan sus calles con casas antiguas a la orilla de los múltiples canales que bañan (al menos) el centro de sus ciudades. El problema es, que después de esta primera impresión tan fascinante, todas las ciudades holandesas...

    by Becks in What to see Rotterdam, 3 years ago
  • Place

    Island of Terschelling

    Could you ever have imagined that The Netherlands has a white-sand endless beach? Well, indeed they have, in Terschelling;  Terschelling is just one of the four big islands situated in the north  part of the Netherlands, acrros the northern sea. All of them are...

    by Becks in What to see Leeuwarden, 3 years ago
  • Experience

    Erasmus Experience in Leeuwarden, Netherlands by Becks

    Why did you choose to go to Leeuwarden, Netherlands? I was accepted to do internship. How long is the scholarship? How much money do you receive to help you with living costs? 350€ x 3 months. The usual price for housing in Leeuwarden is 320-400€ so its helping to...

    0 by Becks in Erasmus experiences Leeuwarden, 4 years ago
  • Place

    Leeuwarden city tour

    Discover all the tricks and hotspots of Leeuwarden guided by their local people.  Every Saturday at 12h, in Leeuwarden there is a Free tour that last between 1,5-2h and allows you to visit all the monuments and sightseeing sites in the city. Besides, as long as you are...

    by Becks in What to do Leeuwarden, 4 years ago
  • Place


    ¿What comes first to your mind when you think about Holland (The Netherlands)? The answer is probably (and appart from weed), tulips.  But despite the steriotipes, the "Tulips Holland" happens only a few weeks per year (between middle March and middle May). If you...

    by Becks in What to see Lisse, 4 years ago
  • Place

    Monasterio de la Cartuja

    This place is a must you should see if you visit Granada. The monastery itself is not a big thing, but the church is completely amazing. Really baroque and full of details. The visit is free on Thursdays, but you should purchase your free tickets in advance at Entradas...

    by Becks in What to see Granada, 4 years ago
  • Place

    Rincon de Rodri

    Unluckily, I discover this place in my latest months in Granada when I was looking with my classmate somewhere to eat some tapas just before going to the Feria de Granada. Nevertheless, I make up for the lost time and I went several times. In this bar, you will get a...

    by Becks in Where to eat Granada, 4 years ago

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