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    University Exchange

    In 2014, my friend and I were granted a study bursary by the University of São Paulo. He studied in Paris 14 and I studied in Paris 4. We lived together for the first time and it was a fantastic experience! After our studies we were able to travel a bit. We went to...

    0 by A in Erasmus experiences UP4 , 2 years ago
  • Blog

    7 good reasons to come to study in Clermont-Ferrand

    I moved to Clermont-Ferrand 5 years ago to study. My family is from around here, but I was able to discover this town in more depth, and I decided to share with you everything that there is to know about the town to have a great time here. Clermont-Ferrand is a city...

    0 by A in Erasmus blog Clermont-Ferrand, 2 years ago
  • Experience

    Experience of Debrecen, Hungary, by Stephi

    How do you find living in the city of Debrecen. Do you recommend it? How is the city? Debrecen is a very calm city for landscape studies. The classes are of a high quality. The University of Debrecen has great technological infrastructure for all subjects. However, the...

    0 by A in Erasmus experiences Debrecen, 2 years ago
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    Erasmus Experience in Oviedo, Spain by Clement

    How long is your stay? How much financial support do you receive? My stay here is for 3 months and Erasmus offers a grant of about 950 euros (nearly £850) at the end of the stay. But French students can also ask for the Mermoz grant which can add up to amount of the...

    0 by A in Erasmus experiences Oviedo, 2 years ago
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    Erasmus in Leon, Castilla y Leon

    Why did you choose to go to Leon, Spain? I wanted to go to Spain and to stay in a small city. Source How long was your stay? How much financial support did you receive? 5 months and I only received financial support from my parents. What is the student life like in...

    0 by A in Erasmus experiences Leon, 2 years ago
  • Blog

    The magic of public transport in Gothenburg

    The first great aspect of the city of Gothenburg, and the one you'll experience first, is it's public transport network. Public transport from the airport If, like me, you go to Sweden by plane, you'll land in Göteborg Landvetter Airport, the city's biggest...

    0 by A in Erasmus blog Gothenburg, 2 years ago

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