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Experience of Debrecen, Hungary, by Stephi

How do you find living in the city of Debrecen. Do you recommend it? How is the city?

Debrecen is a very calm city for landscape studies. The classes are of a high quality. The University of Debrecen has great technological infrastructure for all subjects. However, the culture is difficult because they are withdrawn, especially towards People of Colour and also they only speak their language so it is sometimes difficult to integrate.

Experience of Debrecen, Hungary, by Stephi


How is the student life in Debrecen?

First, there are two groups: the internationals, and the Hungarian people. So, this can seem little bit like a segregation. But after a while you will enjoy living there.

What is the cost of living in Debrecen?

I think it's one of the cheapest student cities that exists there.

It is difficult to find accommodation in Debrecen? Do you have any advice to give?

Not at all difficult to find accommodation.

Which places do you recommend to see in Debrecen?

The city centre, kaïssa and lots of other places.

Experience of Debrecen, Hungary, by Stephi


And eating in Debrecen? Can you tell us your favourite places?

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What advice would you like to give to future Erasmus students in Debrecen?

Don't pay too much attention to the cultural difference. Pay for student tickets as you'll have a student card. And above all, don't forget to write the student card number on your bus pass.

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