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Erasmus blog Gothenburg

  • The magic of public transport in Gothenburg

    The first great aspect of the city of Gothenburg, and the one you'll experience first, is it's public transport network. Public transport from the airport If, like me, you go to Sweden by plane, you'll land in Göteborg Landvetter Airport, the city's biggest...

    0 by A, 4 years ago
  • The System bolaget: the despair of alcoholics

    I used to meet up with friends over a drink or organize alcoholic parties around, so I had to give up on my nascent alcoholism when I arrived in Sweden. Here, you won't be able to find alcohol in supermarkets like you'll find everywhere else in the world. You will have...

    0 by Arthur, 5 years ago
  • Telephone plans and emergency number: thank you Europe!

    If, like me, you have already travelled in Europe before 2016, you have surely experienced the galley of very high costs from the least SMS once outside our native France. But since June 2016, the European Union has obliged all European operators to apply exactly the...

    0 by Arthur, 5 years ago
  • The privatised post office

    If you are looking to send a letter or parcel, you might be a little surprised not to find a post office in Gothenburg or even Sweden. That is perfectly normal. Here, the mail is received and distributed by different companies, more or less private, and in fact a...

    0 by Arthur, 5 years ago
  • The magic of public transport

    The first quality of the city of Gothenburg and the one you will first experience is its public transport network. If, like me, you arrive in Sweden by plane, you will land at Gothenburg-Landvetter airport, the largest international airport in the city. In doing so, you...

    0 by Arthur, 5 years ago
  • Arrival - The impossible quest to find an apartment

    Coming from Amiens, a city in the north of France where student accommodation is as easy to find as a baguette in a bakery, I quickly realized that I had to forget my illusions in this area when I landed in Sweden in Gothenburg.I had already had the opportunity to...

    0 by Arthur, 5 years ago

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