The privatised post office

If you are looking to send a letter or parcel, you might be a little surprised not to find a post office in Gothenburg or even Sweden. That is perfectly normal.

Here, the mail is received and distributed by different companies, more or less private, and in fact a service such as the one we could find in France carried out by the Post Office with a large "P" is carried out by different actors. But once again, don't panic!

If for any reason, your letter or parcel cannot be sent directly to you in your mailbox, even if it is a registered letter and you are not present, the postman will leave a receipt that will indicate the exact address of the place where it will be stored. Most often it will be a supermarket located nearby with the "postnord" logo displayed somewhere on the front (see photo). Because yes, the Swedish supermarkets, in addition to the delegation of the transport ticket sales service, can also have the function of replacing your post office.

For larger parcels, they will be sent to more suitable centres but again, nothing very complicated, the mailman will always tell you where your parcel is stored.

Stamps can also be purchased at the supermarket checkout or directly from a Pressbyran. Their price is usually SEK 21,00.



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