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Teodora Stirbat

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  • Experience

    How to get a full Kimono experience in Nagasaki

    Japan is well known for its amazing traditional attire. One of the most popular pieces is a kimono which roughly translates as "thing to wear". The colourful textiles are usually worn for special occasions such as festivals, weddings or funerals and their complexity can...

    0 by Teodora in Erasmus experiences Nagasaki, 3 hours ago
  • Blog

    Our Secret Spot

    Living in a simple dormitory on top of a steep hill in a quiet village might make you feel like you are missing out on the crazy, party-like, student life. Well, for us this was not the case as we discovered happiness in the most unexpected and hidden paces of Nagasaki....

    0 by Teodora in Erasmus blog Nagasaki, 19 hours ago
  • Place

    Island Lumina

    Without exaggerating, the visit to Lumina Island was the most surreal trip I ever experienced. Our semester abroad in Nagasaki, Japan, was sprinkled with spontaneous excursions but this one can easily be classified as my ultimate favourite. With some help from our...

    by Teodora in What to see Nagasaki, 20 hours ago
  • Blog

    Kunchi Festival

    I can confidently say that Japanese festivals are on another level. Since my European experience with festivals usually includes a few open markets, pop music and quite a lot of booze I did not know what to expect in Japan. This post is dedicated to the 400 years old...

    0 by Teodora in Erasmus blog Nagasaki, 21 hours ago
  • Blog

    Mochi Making

    A good part of the memories I made in Japan is connected to the food of course. I came to appreciate not only the taste but also the preparation and presentation of various dishes. But never have I thought that I would come in contact with such wholesome food...

    0 by Teodora in Erasmus recipes, 6 days ago
  • Blog

    The Set Up

    Visiting Japan was my dream since I was a little kid. That is why; I could not believe that in my last year of my Bachelor I was given the opportunity to spend a semester studying in Nagasaki, Japan.  The preparations were intense since I have never been on a flight...

    0 by Teodora in Erasmus blog NAGASAKI-U, 3 months ago

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