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Our Secret Spot

Living in a simple dormitory on top of a steep hill in a quiet village might make you feel like you are missing out on the crazy, party-like, student life. Well, for us this was not the case as we discovered happiness in the most unexpected and hidden paces of Nagasaki. One such spot was right behind our accommodation and I can admit that this place would have still been a secret to us if it was not introduced by our other friends from the dormitory. 

If you are ever lucky enough to have a place at Horetensia dormitory when you are studying at Nagasaki University you would just have to follow the stairs starting on the other side of the road. It is quite a climb to the top but it is totally worth it. The steep path goes right through the village so make sure you are not being too noisy or you risk waking everyone up. After about 10 minutes you would reach the top of the hill and on the right side there is a small and cosy parking lot often with no cars around.


The best part is the view, since the parking lot is suspended over the hill you can see Nagasaki in its glory. I spent countless nights over there with some convenience store food, a pack of cigarets and great company. The local people are really nice and they always great you or even stop for some conversation if they see you there. 


But the cherry on top is the vending machine. Yes, funny enough there is a fully stocked vending machine on the top of a steep hill in a basically empty parking lot. It is stocked with the craziest drinks from green or milk tea to sports drinks or even hot coffee. If you ever happen to stumble across that spot, send me pictures because I miss it terribly.


All photo credits to Sjors Huser.

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