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Good Bye Lenin Hostel

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Unique hostel in the Tatra mountains

Published by flag- stan zol — 11 years ago

Hi there in Wroclaw  ;-)

You may be wondering why i'm writing here as I'm not an Erasmus student in your city (and not even a student anymore  :-(

Well no, but there's a good reason. I'm currently a manager of an amazing hostel in Zakopane called Good Bye Lenin and I

Just in case you don't know: Zakopane is and outstanding place in the south of Poland, the Polish capital of hiking and outdoor sports and a definitely must-be and must-see for all foreign students who want a complete experience of our country.


If you decide to visit us this Summer (and I'm bloody sure you will !  ) and contact us directly, you can be sure to have some

special discounts on accommodation.  You'll find more about the hostel and contact details on the fanpage and the webpage.


Hope to see you here pretty soon!


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