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Most Pomorski (Pomeranian Bridge)

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The Mystical Most Pomorski

Published by flag- Ernesto Icogo — 6 years ago

It was my first time to visit Wroclaw, many would say, was one of the most beautiful and colorful cities in Poland. I wonder why ...

As I finished appreciating the old town, I went further inside University of Wroclaw, in history was the birthplace of actuarial science, the mathematics of insurance. It was only in the books that I read all about these.As I passed by an arched passageway of the famous university, I saw two old buildings at the entrance of a bridge (I will learn later, it was named Pomorski Bridge). Suddenly, I felt a strange feeling with goosebumps.

There were two guard posts designed of long-time ago. Recently, these posts were turned into a bakery and a photocopy shop (xerox). They still exude remnants of conflict of several years ago and I felt sad.

To deter the fear and the sadness, I usually brush aside the idea and go on normally with what I’m doing. I took several shots with my cheap digital camera and went on to look for more exciting features of the city. I found none because I’m conscious of the time. I shrugged my shoulders thinking that it was only my first visit of the city via a short stopover waiting for the connecting train going back to Lublin.

It was during my second visit that I appreciated the city more than what I expected.-------

--Thanks to Oksana Graban for the documentation help. Dzieki!

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