Cafe Targowa | Cafe, cocktail, beer in Wroclaw

The place where the bikers/fixies meet for the coffee

Published by Katarzyna Pabich

It's shortly open place during the time because of the opening time of the market. But is closly connected with the people who rides bikes, tourist, students and friends of the owner of the Cafe Targowa. 

Owner of this place come by bike from England to Wrocław only on the bike and have done project of shoting photos of the bikers during his trip.

Another funny story is about meeting bike couriers once, at rainy and ugly day. They hang up there by the accident, ten different people, from another firms, and they were sitting there for few hours and laughing about the fact that there are nobody quick riding on the streets of Wrocław becuase they are all in the same place making the break from working.

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