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Gorgeous old town of Wroclaw

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A successful Wroclaw

Published by flag- Denys Momot — 3 years ago

After Krakow, I figured to explore more Polish cities and went to a former German city Wroclaw. I decided to go there to see the difference between Gdansk and Wroclaw. As I described before, Gdansk also was a former German city. However, the city has Polish origin. But German peoples civilized the city quite quickly. Therefore, it was time to get to know with Wroclaw.

According to history, the beginning of the city starts with Silesian tribe who later were under Mieszko I government. Then, the city achieved the status as a commercial centre. Afterwards, Wroclaw began developing quite rapidly. All the nations from the Eastern Europe have been contributing with Wroclaw in terms of trade. Mainly, the trade was the major employment in Wroclaw, till German peoples got improved the city in different ways. From 1526 to 1945, the city was under the government of German peoples. They brought their culture, architecture, faith, business and policy. Over the centuries Wroclaw was getting the spirit of German nations. Although, the city was not independent it has been reaching a great success. Even the greatest city Krakow became a competitive city to Wroclaw. Later, Nazi-Germany was defeated by Soviet Union and the World War II was finished. Eventually, the conquered territories of Poland were back. And successful Wroclaw was one of these territories. Thankfully to German nations, currently Poles have a big economic city, Wroclaw.

In 13 century, there were rapid architecture build. In fact, Majority of notable buildings were German. One of them is Town Hall. During the first Austrian government "Habsburg Monarchy".


The other German building is St. Elizabeth Church. And as you know it is a Lutheran Church which means "German faith" got in Polish land.


Even, the Market Square is German origin because of Magdeburg law. All cities of Holy Roman Empire had the same system and structure of development. Thus, Market Square looks this way. However, it was under Silesian ruler Henry I the bearded. And Silesian tribe belonged to Western Slavic nations.


The Wroclaw Cathedral which dedicated to St. Elizabeth of Hungary. It was built by German Bishop Frederick of-Hesse-Darmstadt. Actually, this is the view from the back of Town Hall. It is a fantastic Neo-gothic style.


The last catchy thing is Good Beer Festival. As you see German peoples even took their habits with you. In fact, it is held each year. Basically, it is the same festival as "Oktoberfest", but much smaller. The next one is going to be on 12 of June 2016. Thus, if you want to go there, there is a great opportunity to experience the festival.

A successful Wroclaw


In addition, you may find some useful information for yourself. Just follow the link.

In conclusion, I can say that city Wroclaw looks more German than Polish. It surrounds by German buildings and culture. Although, the city belonged to Poland but I still was feeling German spirit there. All in all, that was a great pleasure to be there and familiarize with the city. The city has gorgeous architecture style and nice monuments. Likewise, people are much more intelligent and humble there. Wroclaw is unbelievably beautiful with rich history, indeed.

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