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Christmas Market

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Christmas in Wrocław

Published by Karolina G.

Christmas in Wrocław

If you're planning to stay in Wrocław during Christmas time, you probably have heard already about the Christmas Market in the main market square. It is traditional, full of small carts and wooden huts, with carousels placed in the middle for children. Looks basically like many European Christmas Markets filled with charming colorful lights and decorations.

You can definitely feel the holiday spirit in there, even though in the recent years it isn't snowing in this part of Poland. But there's everything a Christmas Market could need - catchy and repetitive music ("Last Christmas" almost guaranteed ;D), amazing smell of mulled wine and sweets, delicious snacks, and a lot of handcrafted gifts for the last-minute shopping. 

Cars are forbidden to drive through the Market Square but if you don't like crowds, I would recommend going there during the day or at least on a working day because weekends are overcrowded with people coming from other cities to visit. 

Personally, I like the decorations and lights very much and I believe that the city looks charming during Christmas time, no matter if the temperature is above or below zero.

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