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Whether you are visiting Vienna for only a few days on the way or staying longer you will quickly observe that there are unbelievably many things to do in the Austrian capital. There is something for every interest. Party animals as well as the quieter and calmer of you will find something to their taste. The beauty of Vienna is found in the multi functionality of the city and the many activities it has to offer. Let us have a look at what there is to do.

Here is my Top-18-List of things that you can do on an evening in Vienna:

1. Barhopping on Schwedenplatz

When you’re on the way with friends you’re often confronted with the question in which bar you should go because most of the time every one has their own taste, everyone likes a different type of music and everyone likes to drink something different. So does one go to an Irish Pub, to an elegant Cocktail Bar, to a quiet wine cellar or to a sushi bar? On Schwedenplatz in 1. district (Bezirk) you will find the perfect solution to your problem - there everything is located next to each other. You can decide if you prefer to stay longer in one bar or move on to the next place after one drink. Most bars or pubs have a Happy Hour, which means that with a little strategic thinking, you could be jumping from one Happy Hour to the next one.


The Bermuda triangle at Schwedenplatz

2. Cocktail at the Stadtbahnbögen

The Stadtbahnbögen (City railway station arch) is located under U6 between Thaliastraße station and Nussdorferstraße (most bars are located between Thaliastraße and Alserstraße). These bars were built beneath the arch of the old city railway, which can now be imagined as a kind of Aqueduct. The concept here is similar to the one at Schwedenplatz except that here most bars are a bit quieter and alternative. A few bars, like the Chelsea or the B72, often host small concerts, which can make it a little louder than usual, but principally these bars are ideal for smaller groups who wish to have a bite to eat then sit comfortably chatting the night away. Most of all, in summer, you can sit outside as well.


The Viennese Stadtbahnbögen cordon

3. Visiting the State Opera

Wishing to spend a romantic evening at the opera? Or maybe you are travelling alone and want to spend an evening doing something other than seeing a movie. If so, simply go to the Opera! Not to fear, the tickets can be quite inexpensive and obtained last minute in case you spontaneously decide to go. Simply look at the Homepage for what is being performed in the next few days and when the play begins. On the day of the show make certain to be there one hour to an hour and half before the start of the play and stand in front of the box office. You will be able to receive only standing places, but on the upside one entry ticket will cost you only 3 Euros. The queuing up (which lasts maximum one hour) is worth it.


Front view of the State Opera's facade

4. Ice cream at the Tuchlauben inclusive a city walk

The name of the Ice cream salons Tuchlauben comes from the alley name where it is located. It is one of the most famous Ice cream shops in the whole of Vienna and the various ice cream flavours are all of an excellent quality. Another great thing about this delicious shop is that it is located in the middle of the Atlstadt or old city centre. You could sit quietly with your ice cream and enjoy it eased back and relaxed or you could take it in a cup or a bag through the city, enjoying and marvelling at the wonderful atmosphere of the Viennese city center at night.


The ice cream parlour Tuchlauben

5. Roller coaster ride at the Prater

The Viennese Prater - what doesn't it have to offer! When you have the opportunity you simply have to visit the Prater at least once. There you can find anything and everything! Priority must be given to the ferris wheel, one of the most famous landmarks of the city, which is located right at the beginning of the amusement park. During a ride on the ferris wheel you can enjoy a stunning panoramic view over the whole city, which is especially beautiful at sunset. On it goes with Madame Tussauds wax museum (attention though the museum is only open until 18. 00), which is since a few years positioned right next to the ferris wheel. Afterward you can stroll casually through the Prater and enjoy a meal at one of the many traditional taverns following it up with one of the many entertaining attractions. You have the choice between various roller coasters, haunted houses, adventure houses, cave trains, water rides and many more, but be careful not to eat too much or else you could take ill!


View over the Prater and the giant ferris wheel

6. Chilling at the Donaukanal

The Donaukanal is a relatively small diversion of the Donau river and flows directly along the old town (Altstadt). You can get there best from Schwedenplatz (U1, U4) or from Schottenring (U2, U4) and can use the wide path next to canal for a stroll, cycling or Inline skating. You can find many nice bars along the Donaukanal, some of which are equipped with standing seats and sand, which creates a real vacation feeling. In summer you can climb on a bathing ship, an anchored ship with a large pool on deck. And if you feel like partying you can spend the evening in Flex, one of Vienna's most popular and alternative clubs.


The Donaukanal and its bars

7. The long Thursday

Every Thursday the shops in Vienna are open longer, most until 21. 00, some even until 22. 00. So you can do your shopping comfortably late in the evening or simply go for a walk and browse at dusk. If it is cold outside, I would advise you, to go into the Shopping City Süd (South) (U6 Siebenhirten + gratis Shuttelbus), which is Austria's biggest shopping centre. However if you prefer a cozy evening then saunter over the Mariahilfer Straße and look in at some of the shops. You can crown your evening with a museum visit since some of the museums keep their doors open until 21. 00 as well. In the Museum Quarter, located at the end of Mariahilfer Straße, the MumoK, 21 House, the Art Hall and the Leopold Museum stay open longer. The Art History Museum and the Austrian National Library stay open longer on Thursdays as well.


The most beautiful is a stroll down Mariahilfer Straße at sunset.

8. A trip to the Heurigen

In and above all around Vienna you have a blooming Heurigen tradition. These are guests houses where certain products are made and sold. The Heurigen offer wine, cider, beer and snaps made from their own production which can be viewed and chosen like food from a vitrine and is then served warm or cold (according to wish). The first great thing about Heurigen is the atmosphere. These bars are always located in green environments, mostly in the vineyard areas. The second great thing are the prices. Heurigen are usually dirt cheap despite the usually outstanding quality and the fact that everything is homemade. You can find Heurigen in Vienna's outer Bezirk (district), especially in Oberlaa, Herbals, Grinzing, Hietzing, Sievering, Stammersdorf, Mauer or Rodaun.


A little nature in the middle of Vienna

9. Casino Royal on the Kärnterstraße

In the past the only casino was located in Baden, some half an hour's drive from Vienna. Despite the very pretty scenery it is quite an undertaking arriving there without a car which is why we have been since a few years now provided with an alternative in the middle of the Viennese inner city, to be precise on the Kärntnerstraße, between Stephen's Dome and the Opera. So you could dress yourself up, deplete your bank account somewhat and perhaps you'll get lucky. But no worries, you can go there "just for fun" as well, without dressing extravagantly elegant and only with 10 or 20 Euros to spend. It is entirely up to you how much you wish to play with. Even if you only wish to participate for a few rounds and won't win anything the experience is a neat alternative to an otherwise ordinary evening.


The casino at Kärnterstraße

10. Romantic dinner at Donauturm

The last mention on our list is actually meant for very special occasions, but is it in any case worth a visit. The Donauturm or Donau tower is a very thin 150 meters high tower located on the Donau island, whose tip hosts a restaurant, a coffee house and a viewing point, the base of which rotates slowly, but constantly so that you can enjoy a 360° degree view of the city and its surroundings. You can decide yourself how much you wish to spend: if you wish to simply take the elevator up and marvel at the Panorama from the viewing terrace (in which case you will only pay for the elevator ride up) or if you would like to go and have a snack at the Café (relatively pricey, but if you only take coffee and cake it is fine). The most expensive option is the restaurant which is very costly while the quality of the food is only normal. Small tip: you can order a few spicy snacks in the café as well, which are not as expensive and will more than suffice as a dinner option. When you decide to visit the Donauturm then make sure to be there circa one hour before sunset in order to witness to the beautiful nature spectacle.


Enjoy the wonderful view over the city!

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