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Anybody can participate! Erasmus or not, any willing participant can enter by contributing useful information, personal experiences, photographs, cooking recipes for students, places of interest or helpful advice about any city in the world. Help Erasmus students the globe over by sharing information about the cities you love; you could even win prizes!



This contest has been possible thanks to: HAWKERS


From 18th of May 2017 to 17th of October 2017 until 11:00:00 Madrid time (UTC+2).

How do I enter?

It’s easy! Just write on, providing us with useful information about any worldwide city that you may know; you could have been there as an Erasmus student, or a traveller, or it could even be your birthplace! You can contribute sharing the following kind of contents:

It’s extremely important you describe the places in your own words, giving your own opinion and writing about your personal experiences there. If you write about a place, it should be a place you have actually visited yourself. Or if you write in a blog about a cooking recipe, you should write about a dish you can actually cook by yourself. Try not to write about things like an encyclopaedia.


  • You can only take part if you have not been a finalist in previous Erasmusu competitions. If you were awarded only with a runner up prize, you can still take part. We want to give the opportunity to new travellers.
  • You can only enter if you are a native speaker of the following languages: Español, English, Français, Italiano, Português, Polski, Türkçe, Deutsch, Nederlands. When we say native, we are referring to your ability to speak the language, not whether you are actually from the aforementioned countries. If, for example, you’re from Poland and speak English just as good as anyone from England itself, then you can write in English. It’s only like this as we want you to create high quality content so it’s important to have a native command of the language you want to write in. In previous competitions people have submitted articles that were illegible, something we want to avoid this time around. We are working towards being able to open up future competitions to more languages, so that more people can participate.
  • You can’t publish the same content in different languages. We already have a team that will translate the best contents.
  • Attention! This is extremely important: Your writing should be completely original. It cannot be on any other website. We look at all the content published to ensure they haven’t been copied from another source. We use tools like Copyscape to find out whether posts have been copied or modified from other sites. So, play fair!
  • Your content should only appear on Erasmusu, again to make sure that you aren’t copying from any other blog you might already have.
  • You can only write about places you have personally been to. This is so that you don’t go to Wikipedia, read about a place, modify the text and use it as your own. We are looking for real life experiences. Only write about places you’ve been. Remember that!.
  • You can use photos from other authors, but only if you place a link to the original author giving credit.

Yes, you can:

  • Write about as many different places as you want.
  • Write about absolutely anywhere in the world.


  • The most detailed and extensive entries will receive the most points. Successful entries will include a wealth of facts, advice and information; the longer and more thorough, the better!
  • For more exposure, share your entry with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Use subtitles, paragraphs, headings, bullet points and lists to organise your content. Avoid spelling mistakes and using text language, be creative. Remember to follow the writing guidelines.
  • If you have any problems trying to upload or edit your content, don’t worry! Send an email to and we’ll give you a hand.

Entry suggestions and examples for inspiration

  • If you wish to write a detailed blog entry, you could describe the day to day activities that you underwent as an Erasmus student or as a traveler, recounting the cities or countries that you visited. You could even illustrate life in your home country! Appropriate use of headings, bullet points, and lists can add structure to your entry; you could even include some eye-catching photos! Examples of good blog entries include the following one about Murcian cuisine, one about Paris or this one that talks about an internation dinner with friends. Another good idea would be to write your entry as if it were a diary, for example, “Day 23: Visit to the lake in the mountains, and then the details of your adventures on that day, in whichever city you may be in! Or if you like cooking, what about sharing your favourite recipes? For example Home Cooking - Salmon with salsa de maracuyá and Brigadeiro. Ok, let's go! Start your blog now!
  • To write a fantastic city experience, you could talk about all its key features and interesting points. You could also, for example, explain the answers to fascinating questions you initially had yourself, like in this Regensburg Experience or this one in Leuven. Similarly, you could write a little more unreservedly, like in this Lisbon Experience. You could talk about the architecture, scenery, leisure activities, culture, local cuisine, nightlife, general prices, transport links, etc. Start writing your experience now!
  • You could write about your favourite place of interest, it might be one of the most exciting sites in a city. You could describe some great sightseeing locations, restaurants or pubs, quirky cafés or cocktail bars. You could illustrate historic museums, romantic spots, neighbourhoods, nightclubs and coffee shops, the list is endless! For example: Park Güell, La Sidreria, Passeig Marítim and Camp Nou. Add photos and extensive textual imagery to enhance your descriptions. Share your favourite place now!

How will points be distributed

You can see the ranking in the right hand column. You earn point automatically in the following way:

  • 1 point for every 10 characters written.
  • 3 point for every person that reads your content (one click per person). No hesitate to share everything you write. Publish it on Facebook and Twitter, send it to all your friends on WhatsApp, etc.
  • 50 points extra (max) if you add at least 4 photos.

To avoid contestants saving texts for the last few days of the competition and, as a surprise, publishing them all at once we have put in place a limitation to the points received by written characters: a daily limit of 5.000 points. So, compete day to day! Don't leave it to the last minute!

Is quality awarded too?

Yes. We have created some style guidelines, please read them carefully.

At the end of the competition we will be blocking all new entries and review all the content over the next few days. During this time, we will give extra points to the finalists who followed the style guidelines. We will do it in the following way: we will add up the total points of these finalists and distribute 25% of this total as extra points among them, based on how well they have written.

So, for anyone wondering if quality is rewarded… of course it is!

Reasons for disqualification

Important! Read carefully. This is the 5th competition we have run at and for all of them we have taken the rules and regulations we put in place very seriously. We look at all the content published and won’t hesitate to disqualify anyone who hasn’t followed these rules. Play fair :)

There will be grounds to disqualify you from the competition if:

  • You copy texts from other pages.
  • You copy and edit opinions about places in order to make them seem like your own. We call this ‘Copy and Edit’ and it’s easy to find as the content will read like an encyclopaedia: loads of dates, names, and facts with little of the opinions or personal experiences we are looking for.
  • You use photos that aren’t yours without giving credit to the original authors.
  • You write about places you haven’t actually been to. We’re looking for real experiences!

In terms of getting visits, doing the following will also result in disqualification:

  • If we find out you are using proxys or any other programme to simulate views.
  • If we detect short visits, suggesting the content has been viewed for the sole purpose of increasing views. Visits must last at least 1 minute.
  • Any other way to try and accumulate views that aren’t actually legitimate.

Any doubts?

The friendly and chatty Joanna will help you with any questions or doubt you might have:

Good luck everyone and may the best man win!

I agree to the following reserves the right to make changes during or after the competition has ended should there be just cause to do so or obstacles in the way of a fair result, in compliance with the rules and regulations that have been set out. Therefore, all decision taken by regarding the outcome of the competition are final, be it the outright winner or potential disqualifications.

Attention! Do not cheat! We review all suspicious behaviour and disqualify any contestants who disobey the rules. We also reserve the right to remove any content that may have been copied or is of a very poor standard. Be good!

This competition is possible thanks to: HAWKERS

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