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Are you looking for the best cafés?

  • CaféLab

The CaféLab is a café which is found at number 14 Calle Apóstles, next to the Cathedral, where you can enjoy some of the best coffees, teas and smoothies in the city. Also, if that's not enough for you, they also make some of the most delicious cakes and desserts, suitable for everyone thanks to their wonderful vegan recipes; they will satisfy even your greatest cravings. Your senses will go crazy, not only does everything there smell amazing, it's also a treat to the eye with the curious decoration of this small coffee corner, and they pay attention to even the smallest details so that your experience there is one of a kind.

They take coffee culture to a whole new level, and you will see the importance of every stage the coffee bean goes through here, from cultivation, through roasting and then into the mug.

This café also has a barista school which provides training to professionals in the sector who are interested in developing their skills and potential.

If you're going out and you have your ESN card with you, they also give you discounts on certain products that you buy: the café asiático gives you €2.50 off from Monday to Friday; the Café Tonic gives you €4 from Monday to Friday again; and you get 10% off on items you buy from the shops.

  • Socolá

La cafetería Socolá is at number 5 calle Mariano Vergara, in the Santa Eulalia neighbourhood. This café is bursting with style everywhere you look. Its American style decoration, its homemade cakes and coffees, its artisan baguettes; you'll never want to leave again!

They have a huge range of homemade recipes to choose from across the two menus that they offer, one of which is a vegan menu. The desserts don't only catch your eye because of the way the look, but also, as soon as you take a bite you experience a taste sensation that will leave you lost for words.

They have breakfast menus too that will get you ready for the day ahead, so don't hesitate to clear a space in your diary and go to have breakfast or a snack at Socolá. Once you get there, you'll not want to leave.

And if you happen to have come from a different country and you have your ESN card with you, make sure you show them, because they will give you 10% discount on breakfasts, everyday of the week except for Mondays.

  • Piccadilly Coffee

This café is a franchise that is based on London style decoration and isn't only found in Murcia. In fact, in Murcia itself there are two of them; the most central one is found next to the Facultad de la Merced in the San Lorenzo area; the other is found at number 9 Ronda Norte.

They have a discounted price for foreign students and for students in general, which can be applied to any type of drink.

Are you looking for the best bars?

  • La Porchá

La Porchá is located at number 10, calle Vara del Rey. It's a café that also sometimes acts as a tapas and cocktail bar which is found directly in the city centre. It's ideal for going out for a little bit of tapas before going out to the Murcian style bars afterwards.

It's one of the only bars that opens all day, every day of the week. On Thursdays and over the weekends, you can stay a little later, as it stays open for longer and closes at 2am. If you're coming from abroad, take advantage of your ESN card to get discounts and special prices.

  • La Playa de la Merced

At this bar you can enjoy fabulous views of the Facultad de Letras, that are both magnificent and powerful, whilst taking advantage of the 2 quintos of beer for one euro offer with your friends. It's too difficult to not be tempted whilst choosing something to eat off the menu.

  • Revolver

At Revolver, they have the best litres of beer or red wine and some of the greatest musical themes that you could ever imagine.

  • Íberos

Just like at La Playa, you can also enjoy the two quintos of beer for one euro at Íberos, but in this case the beer in question is Estrella Levanta, the best Murcian beer that you will come across.

  • Beershooter

Here they have every single type of beer you can imagine on a world-wide scale. You can try the best imported bars from in all of Murcia.

Are you looking for the best parks?

In the parks we mention below, we assure you that you'll be able to have a bit of you time and disconnect from the world. The peacefulness and the tranquility that they transmit is so good that people go for a walk, run, or even to take a nap. Don't be left behind, go and take a tour of the best parks in Murcia!

  1. Jardín del Malecón

  2. Jardín de la Seda

  3. Parque de Fofó

  4. Parque de la Pólvora

Or, are you looking for the best monuments to go and visit?

If you're going to Murcia, these are the most representative and popular ones that you have to visit without a doubt:

  1. Catedral de Murcia (Murcia Cathedral)

  2. Murcia Real Casino

You will be speechless before the beauty of these architectural constructions, their grandeur and complexity exceed the limits of architecture as we know it.

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