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Although at first glance it doesn't look like it, you will never be left with nowhere to go on a night out in Murcia, and even less so if you're a student. In fact, if you want to see for yourself, check out our website and you will find millions of experiences out there. So don't get too comfortable on the sofa, because in this city, partying isn't only limited to the night time, it can happen at any point of the day!

In the world of university students, they have their own traditions and parties to make their courses bearable.

It all starts with the initiation, in which final-year students prepare the “pollos”, who are the first-year students, for university life through drinking games and really funny tests with lots of slime. Just be clear though, you will not come out of it clean; you will need a shower before going out at night, as after the games the party starts. You will have an amazing time and you will meet so many new people from your course, it kills two birds with one stone.

Every student should also know that throughout the year, each faculty celebrates paellas on patron saint's day. Since there are so many faculties and each one has its own different patron saint, you won't be able to keep up. Las paellas are a type of celebration that take place in a an area called the "fiestódromo" which is found at the highest point of the Campus de Espinardo. You can get there easily either by tram or by bus, but definitely do not take the car. The area it takes place in is fenced off and controlled by security guards so that nobody takes glass in which then avoids accidents, but you are allowed to take your own alcohol. Also, there are always bars there from which you can order a beer, a red wine, and even something to eat, as well as a DJ who they hire to liven up the party.


There are loads of bars in Murcia, which are also known as tascas where you can go to have a "noche de tranquis" (a chilled-out night) as they say, or to pre-drink before heading out to a nightclub. With the good weather that they have in Murcia, any excuse is good enough to go out with friends and get a drink, so get ready and go out on the hunt for the most popular and unique bars out there.

Any good Murcian student, Erasmus or simply a self-respecting Murcian, knows which bars to go out to. Below, you have a list of bars that you have to go to if you want to experience the true party atmosphere of Murcia:

  • Íberos
  • Maraña
  • La Playa
  • Kiosko
  • Revolver
  • Repúblika
  • Decano
  • Colmena
  • Pin Up
  • Aduana
  • WoodStock Rock Bar
  • Foster

In general, the bars usually have irresistible offers, whether they're for beer and wine, like the dos quintos a un euro deal at Íberos y La Playa, or the litre of beer for €4 at Revolver and WoodStock Rock Bar; or even an offer on "cubatas" (rum and coke), like those that they have at Colmena.


If after a few drinks you want to go and boogie, it'll be time to move to one of the many pubs that are spread out across the city.

  • Farándula
  • Flou
  • Parabarap
  • Luminata Bar
  • Quve
  • La Decana
  • Metropolis
  • BadulaKe Bar

Most of these pubs are popular amongst reggaeton and bachata lovers. Parabarap, has drinks and shots at really good prices, but it isn't very big so it fills up quite quickly.

Metrópolis, is in the tascas area, near to the Facultad de la Merced. It's ideal if you like rock music and indie music, but they also sometimes play electronic music, you can go there to play billiards whilst trying one of their spectacular cocktails; they're the speciality there! Also, for Erasmus students who show their ESN card, there are impressive discounts available: 2 for 1 mojitos and sangría from 19:30 until 22:30, €0.50 off of drinks and draught beers and then a €1 discount on the jugs.

On the other hand, Badulake, is the ultimate Erasmus student bar in Murcia. In fact, every Wednesday they have an Erasmus day, where you will experience and international atmosphere like no other. It's open Tuesday to Saturday, but don't worry about it all costing you too much, as you get discounts if you show your ESN card: free entry, €4 drinks, free beer and sangria until 00:30 and, every Wednesday, shots are only €1. If you're more of an international music lover, this is the place for you.


City center

  • Luminata

Luminata Disco is found in the centre of the city, just at the side of the Centrofama cinemas, next to REM. It's a nightclub linked to the Luminata bar, that always has a really good vibe. Inside the nightclub, there is an enormous dance floor with a bar right in the middle, and it just has a modern and urban atmosphere in general. It's open from Thursday to Saturday, from midnight until 6:30-7:30 in the morning, when it closes just in time for you to go and get some churros with chocolate sauce to eat.

  • REM

Sala REM is a nightclub which is connected to the Luminata Disco, at the side of the Centrofama cinemas. If you like indie music, you will love this place. There is always a really good atmosphere here, and the industrial style decoration is perfect for the type of people that it attracts.

It's open Tuesday and Wednesdays from 23:30 to 6:00 and then Fridays and Saturdays from 23:00 to 7:00.

  • Sala Musik

Last but not least, there is Sala Musik. It's a nightclub/bar in the city centre, and to make it even more of a gem, it's inside the Plaza de Toros making it seem even more impressive. In this modern yet rustic place, they play of all kinds of music; You can go to enjoy a nice "chilled out" beer sitting down with your friends, as they say, or you can go dancing and give it your all at one of the many concerts that they host.

If you fancy going there, they open every week Thursday to Saturday, from 22:00 until 6:30.


The Atalayas area is really popular in Murcia, especially amongst students. This place, which is named after the Atalayas Shopping Centre, is where hundreds of students get together around the pond just next to the shopping centre, to have a drink and have a good night with their mates.

After finishing pre-drinks there, if you want to keep going, there are several nightclubs to choose from, amongst which are:

  • Teatre
  • Maná
  • Dubai
  • Discoteca K

All of these nightclubs can be found just minutes away from the street-drinking epicentre, so it won't be too hard for you to find them.

Then, when it's time to wrap up the night, there's a McDonald's and a Burger King which will be perfect to help you satisfy that food craving that you'll have at 6 or 7am when you're on your way home.

Mariano Rojas

As its name suggests, the Mariano Rojas party zone is in the Mariano Rojas neighbourhood, next to the Ranero.

There, you will find nightclubs that host nights of debauchery and play music of all genres, in fact, the same nightclub will play different types of music depending on the night and the theme of the party.

Sometimes, famous artists even go there as special guests, to deejay or sing, so pay attention to the posters that they put up in the streets about the events that they organise, and also to the social media pages where they post about them too.

The most well-known nightclubs with the best atmospheres that you will find in Mariano Rojas are:

  • Moss
  • Sala 12 y medio
  • Guru Dance Club

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