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Do you need a room or an apartment in Murcia? Head to Erasmusu and we'll help you find what you're looking for.

In our section about student rentals in Murcia, you will find a place to stay that will fit right into your budget. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us In the city, you will find a huge variety of apartments and houses, at a large range of prices, so in this guide, we'll point you in the right direction so that you have some idea how accommodation works in Murcia. Prices will vary depending on the neighbourhood that you are in. The best thing to do, is to start looking based on your needs, and by that we mean, if you're going to Murcia to study for example, it would be best to look closer to the universities. Our section on neighbourhoods will help you get to know the city a little more so that you can find which is the best part for you to live in.


Murcia is one of the cheapest cities in Spain, so you probably won't spend a lot there in comparison to other autonomous communities. As a city, Murcia attracts thousands of students every year, so you can see why flat sharing is the most common choice of accommodation. Looking for shared housing is really easy, in fact you will see more people posting adverts for rooms instead of for apartments. Prices per person are generally between €150-250, depending on the area and on which expenses are included in the contract (they usually amount to €30-50 per person and include water and electricity). You can also choose to live in student accommodation, which although it is usually more expensive, the price does already include all of the bills and lots of other services, as we will see below.

A bit of advice for you though, never sign a contract without having visited the place you're going to stay in, unless you have a flexible booking guarantee or it is a verified accommodation like those that can be found in the Erasmusu ads. Always make sure that it is in good condition and ask any questions you may have in order to avoid being scammed. On Erasmus, you will find lots of Erasmus student rentals at unbeatable prices, and you will be able to rent them with the assurance that nobody will scam you.


City center

The central area of Murcia is the place where most students go and where most of the action is. The apartments in this area are often a little older looking, but they are in perfect condition to live in; they are in fact known as the student flats of excellence. In this area there are lots of three and four bed apartments at a good price (€400-500 per month shared between all tenants).

If you decide to rent an apartment in this area, you will be right in the heart of Murcia, as from there it is easy to get to any other part of the city; you can walk almost everywhere. You will have the campus de la Merced just a few minutes from home, but if you study at Espinardo, fear not: as you can see in the transport section, both the tram and the bus do several trips through the centre of Murcia and take you straight to the Espinardo Campus.

Whether it's an entire property, a shared room or a studio en Murcia... you won't be disappointed in what we have to offer!

Also, if you like to live an active lifestyle and have everything on hand, it will definitely be best for you to look for accommodation in the city centre. There is a huge variety of supermarkets, all you have to do is find your favourite one; loads of bars to go to to have a drink with your friends; coffee shops to go to for a coffee and something sweet; libraries for if you need a little bit of peace to study or read in; gyms that offer discounts if you're wanting to stay in shape; and even parks, in case you want to go and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a while.

If you're looking for something a little more modern and calmer, look in the neighbourhoods that are found in the northern district of the city. In the Juan de Borbón and Juan Carlos I district, you will find peace whilst still being connected to the nightlife and the centre of Murcia. Both the tram and the bus run through these neighbourhoods, so you can get from one point to the other literally in minutes. In this area, you'll have everything you need on hand, from the sports centre to the party area on Avenida Mariano Rojas in the Juan Carlos I district; and the Thader and Nueva Condomina shopping centres at the side of the Juan de Borbón district.

A little further South, once crossing the Segura River, there's the El Carmen neighbourhood and the Infante Juan Manuel area. In this area, you will find quite affordable apartments, but bear in mind that you will be a lot further away from everything else. As there aren't many young people around this area, you won't find many bars, nightclubs or restaurants, but the Murcia train station is very close by as well as the Jardín de Floridablanca, which has a history that goes back for centuries.

Suburban districts

An apartment on the outskirts of the city is ideal if you like to enjoy the peace and tranquility that the districts offer, but you have to bear in mind that you will depend on public transport if you do not have your own mode of transport, so take a good look at all the possibilities before letting yourself get carried away by the attractive prices and the spacious suburban apartments.

The suburban apartments in Espinardo, La Ñora, Guadalupe or Patiño for example, amongst others, tend to be spacious and cheaper compared to those in the center. But don't forget to check the connections to the public transport there, because if you study in the center or at the Espinardo Campus, it might not be the best idea for you to live somewhere that is not well connected to the center. Life in Murcia always revolves around the city center, so if you live in a district you will be more accustomed when it comes to partying or just meeting for a coffee. Even if you study in the outskirts of the city, think twice about it, because there is no tram or bus service in the early hours of the morning, so you will have to choose to pay for a taxi if you do not live in the center and want to go home.

Student accommodation

Would you like to live in the comfort of student accommodation and near to your university? Take a look at the section of our Erasmusu blog about student accommodation in Murcia

City center

If you're going to study at the campus de la Merced, deciding to live in student accommodation in the central district will probably be your best bet. Just like the apartments previously mentioned, the central student accommodation is completely surrounded by leisure centers, shops and restaurants for you to enjoy. Even though the central student accommodation is a lot older and more religious looking than those on the outskirts of the city, the close proximity to the university and to the Las Tascas area makes it worth choosing this type of accommodation.

  1. Colegio Mayor Azarbe

    Only 5 minutes away from the university's Merced Campus and in fact making up part of it, is the Colegio Mayor Azarbe. This accommodation has 75 individual rooms (68 of those with their own bathrooms) and 21 double rooms, all with air-con and central heating. Prices vary depending on the type of room that you choose, and whether you want to share or not, but they usually cost somewhere between €5,070 and €6,000 a year. Unlike other student accommodation sites, the Colegio Mayor Azarbe requires you to have good academic grades, as it accepts the students who really want to excel at university.

  2. Residencia María Inmaculada

    To the west of Gran Vía, in the San Nicolás neighborhood, is the Residencia María Inmaculada, which has 75 rooms in total (60 with individual bathrooms, and 15 with just a shower and sink). The monthly price for a room there with a private bathroom at full board should be around €590, with an additional €150 booking fee and another €590 deposit. Choosing this place to stay allows you to enjoy a variety of cultural activities and sports, as well as pastoral and religious activities, as the Catholic Church is in place here.

  3. Residencia Hermanas Oblatas

    The Residencia Hermanas Oblatas, which is located right in front of La Merced Campus, has space for 82 female students who would all have their own rooms with private bathrooms. The monthly cost to stay there is €788 (full board), and it's strategic location in the heart of Murcia makes it a great choice for those who are going to study at the University of Murcia.

Suburban districts

  1. Residencia Universitaria Campus Murcia

    The uni accommodation located on the University campus (the Espinardo Campus at the University of Murcia) has 367 places available (341 single rooms and 13 doubles). Staying at this accommodation has its pros and its cons: the good side of it is the price and the atmosphere there, since in addition to being very affordable, you would be surrounded by students; The not so good side to it, is that it is quite far away from the city center and you have to rely on the tram or bus to get you around. This can end up being a problem if you want to go out in Murcia to party, unless you are one of those people who hold out until the early hours of the morning.

  2. RUM (Residencia Universitaria Murcia)

    This accommodation is found just a few minutes away from the Murcia University Espinardo campus and from the UCAM. It is really modern and has 57 single rooms, 4 doubles and 2 adapted rooms, and it is really well connected to the city, since you can get any bus from right on your doorstep, and the tram stop is not that much further away. Check out the transport vouchers to get the most out of your stay in Murcia!

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