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Cartagena, which is only 55km away from Murcia, is a port city that, throughout history, has played an important role in the city. This is due to the fact that the city has a large amount of Roman sites that date back to the city's heyday during the years of the great Roman Empire.

Also, Cartagena has one of the most important ports in Spain. They receive the largest tourist cruises you can imagine there on a daily basis, as well as commercial and military ships and vessels, as in Cartagena there is the Military Arsenal; It represents one of the most important shipyards and naval bases in the Spanish Levant.

But there's more than just ruins in this city, you can also enjoy a range of parties such as the festivales Cartagineses y Romanos, that are celebrated every year during the last few weeks in September, in commemoration of the Punic wars that took place there during the Roman Empirical era.

To get there, if you don't have a car, you only have to catch a bus at the station and you will get there in just 45 minutes.

La Manga del Mar Menor

La Manga del Mar Menor is a coastal paradise that is found in the levante area of the peninsula. Thanks to its location, situated between the Mar Menor and the Mar Mayor (the Mediterranean), it has become a hugely popular tourist destination.

It stretches across more than 20km and year after year it is flooded with tourists and inhabitants of the region who go to cool off during the hot summer months.

Days in La Manga pass really quickly when you spend them in the sun on the beach, drinking a mojito under the shade of the beach bar. But the nights however, are not for resting in, in fact everybody, young people adults and even old people, go out in the streets at night to enjoy summer down to the very last second, whether it be in the bars, the nightclubs, or at the bingo clubs that different housing areas organise.

La Manga is a place for people of all ages, don't hesitate to jump on the bus that leaves from the Murcia bus station and pay it a visit, you'll regret it if you don't!

Cabo de Palos

Cabo de Palos is a coastal town in the region of Murcia which overlooks the mar Mayor that overlooks the Mar Mayor, the crystalline, warm and beautiful waters of the Mediterranean. Just like La Manga at the Mar Menor, it is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the region during the hot summer months.

The charm that Cabo de Palos has lies in its coves, which make it one of the most ideal places to do activities such as snorkelling, kayaking and scuba diving amongst others. There are many coves there, but just some examples are Cala Reona, Cala Flores, and Cala La Galera. They are peaceful places to go to, so take advantage of them and put your scuba diving goggles on, because in the crystal clear waters of this sea, you can enjoy the amazing marine kingdom with your own eyes!

Also, at night when all of the young people go out in Cabo de Palos, just like in La Manga and the rest of the villages and cities nearby, they go to famous night clubs like Mamaluna and Trips. You won't have time to be bored!


Archena is a charming city which is only 24km away from Murcia. You're sure to have heard of it due to its famous spa. It's an impressive, unique building, which has an interior that stands out as it was built and decorated based on Mozarab styling.

This spa is probably the one that has the most history of all spas for miles around as its history dates all the way back to the 5th century BC. Since then, the different generations who have lives their have passed on the batons of history throughout time right up until today.

So take your bathing suit and save a day to go to the Archena spa! It's worth it!


Lorca is a place full of passion; passion for its customs, its traditions and its precious monuments, such as its Fortress of the Sun. Here you will find a huge range of scenery; from mountains to peaceful little seaside coves, without forgetting of course the Guadalentín valley.

Every year, they celebrate an event which is declared as being of International Touristic Interest, which will take everything out of you, it's called Semana Santa. But it's not like the rest, Semana Santa in Lorca is celebrated with pure devotion and with a unique feeling that you won't find in any other city.

You will also be captivated by the cobbled streets and the people there who welcome you as though you are one of them; don't hesitate to ask them about the special hidden corners of the city.

But it is not only famous for Semana Santa, you can't leave Lorca without having visited the Palacio de Guevara and more importantly, the Castillo de Lorca, that crowns Lorca by standing on a hill in the Guadalentín valley, and has loads of history behind it. This fortified castle worked purely on a military basis as a fortress of defence. In fact, this citadel, which is actually known as the "Fortaleza del Sol", is available to visit nowadays and to enjoy at your own free will.

Come and soak up the passion and tradition that round throughout Lorca.


Águilas is a port city that is found 100km away from Murcia, which is located in the most meridional part of Murcia Region. The dry, lukewarm climate in which it barely rains, makes it a really nice place to visit at any point of the year.

If you decide to go on a day trip to this charming city, you cannot leave without seeing the Castillo de San Juan. It's an 18th century military fortification from which you can enjoy the best views of the city and everything that surrounds it; in fact, it is so impressive that it was declared of Cultural Interest.

As well as the castle, there is the Torre de Cope. It's an old watchtower, that was built as a defense point for the city, that has been destroyed and rebuilt several times over the years. It is a cleat example of what military force is like on the Murcian coast.

Caravaca de la Cruz

The city of Caravaca de la Cruz is found in the west of the region, just as you pass Bullas. This place is considered the Christian Mecca, as it is one of the five holy cities that exists on a global scale. Although, in fact, people gather in this city not just to look for a connection to God, but also to find the peace and balance that everyone hopes to find within themselves.

Caravaca de la Cruz is both a Christian relic and a historic relic, you will see it as soon as you start walking through the cobbled streets of the centre; its character and medieval past will make you believe that you have travelled back in time. Also you will be able to enjoy the nature there that is still in a pure state, but if you visit the Fuentes del Marqués, a space filled with nature that is home to different indigenous flora and fauna that are worth taking a look at.

In addition to the religious side of this city, every year they celebrate the patron saint festivities in Caravaca de la Cruz, during which the Feria de Moros y Cristianos and los Caballos del Vino festival take place. What's more, every year the city fills up with people who come from all over to enjoy and take part in these festivities.

The patron saint festivals that are celebrated here from the 1st to the 5th of May, are declared as bing in International Touristic Interest, so they attract thousands of tourist every year.

The festivities begin with the celebration of the Caballos del Vino, which takes on the 1st and 2nd of May. On these days, different organisations hold three competitions with their respective horses, in which they compete passionately, leaving spectators from all over the world feeling speechless. This festival was also declared of International Touristic Interest.

The fiesta de los Moros y Cristianos however, which is celebrated on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of May, different parades and celebrations take place which fill the city with joy and a happy atmosphere.


Alicante, also known as the Ciudad de la Luz (the city of light) is a port city with weather very similar to that in Murcia, which is perfect for outdoor activities or for visiting the city's famous beaches and coves. It's a city that's full of life and atmosphere, as well as bursting with culture.

If you're an avid explorer and you like to discover new places, then take a trip to Alicante and discover the Castillo de Santa Bárbara, which is perched on top of Mount Benacantil. It is one of the biggest and most impressive medieval-style fortresses in the whole of Spain. If you climb to the top of the mountain and reach the top of its walls, you can enjoy unique views of the Costa Blanca capital.

On one hand you have the Cuevas de Canelobre, en Busot. It is located 23 km from Alicante, but it is worth visiting just to see the capricious shape that its walls have taken and the largest vault in all of Spain, which reaches a height of 70m, similar to the vault of a cathedral but, in this case, naturally formed.

Go to Alicante in June and attend the famous bonfires, which take place on the famous San Juan beach. It is celebrated on the 23rd of June at night, on the eve of San Juan; Throughout the night, the beach is full of people partying and drinking to celebrate the summer solstice for San Juan and, at midnight, bonfires are lit on the beach which heats the atmosphere right up. It is amazing!

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