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Thanks to its strategic location on the Costa Cálida (Calida Coast), the region of Murcia is really well connected to multiple other cities in Spain, as well as the rest of Europe; for this reason, there are a variety of options available in terms of travelling to its capital.


Less than 45 minutes away from Murcia, there are two International airports at which planes arrive from all over Europe: Alicante-Elche and Murcia-San Javier, but the last was recently replaced by a new airport called The International Airport of the Region of Murcia, commonly known as Corvera Airport, which opened on January 15th 2019.

To get to central Murcia from Alicante, you have a couple of transfer options. The best company for buses is ALSA, which offers direct travel between Murcia Bus Station (Calle Navarro, 2) and the Alicante-Elche airport; a journey which they do every day between 9am and 9pm (schedule varies depending on the day). However, if the timetable doesn't work for you, you could also get a taxi or organise a trip through BlaBlaCar.

Unfortunately, when it comes to transport, there are not many ways to get from Murcia-San Javier Airport to the city centre, but the Murcia regional Interbus is always an option. The journey takes around 30 minutes and it's schedule usually coincides with airport arrival and departure times.

The most well-known taxi company is called Radio Taxi Murcia Here is the number to call: + 34 968 24 88 00. If you want to travel from either of these two airports, this company is one of the best options you have to get you to Murcia. When you call them, you can ask for a fixed price, as prices often change depending on when you travel. However, the average prices for a trip to Murcia (or the other way) are often:

  • Alicante-Elche Airport - Murcia: 80 € (approx. )

  • Murcia San-Javier Airport - Murcia: 65 € (approx. )


If you have travelled to Madrid or Barcelona for example from a neighbouring country, you can get to Murcia by train. All throughout the day, there are trips to Murcia from the main stations of the country: Madrid-Puerta de Atocha (approximately a 4 hour journey) and Barcelona-Sants (which takes around 7 hours). Although, depending on if you buy the tickets in advance or not, a single ticket from Madrid usually costs between 15 € and 25 €, or a ticket to Barcelona can end up costing around 30 €.

Even if you have already got yourself to Alicante, you can still get the train to the centre of Murcia. Commuter trains leave every hour from the Alicante stations (Alacant-Terminal) and Sant Gabriel, both of which you can get to by taking the C6 bus. This bus leaves Alicante-Elche every 20 minutes and heads towards Alicante, stopping along the way at numerous different places that you can transfer from. A single ticket for this bus will cost around 3,85 € and it will take around 30 minutes to get to the centre of the city. This last option will also be a good choice if you get to Alicante outside of regular bus times for those that go directly to Murcia.


It may be that this is the case and you have to travel to another city in Spain for money-based or logistical reasons and you are looking for an easy way to get to Murcia. ALSA offers en endless amount of services from numerous Spanish cities that go to Murcia in just a couple of hours, the best one being the service which goes from Terminal 4 at Madrid-Barajas Airport to Murcia, and costs around 30 €.

Remember you have 15 % discount with ALSA when you show your ESN student card! The bus station in Murcia isn't too far from the city centre; it's easy to walk to from one place to the other in less than half an hour.


If you're wanting to get to Murcia by boat, that's not a problem! The region of Murcia is host to one of the biggest ports in Spain, which is located in Cartagena. It is ranked in fourth place and, in fact, it is one of the most popular tourist places due to the amount of cruise ships that cast their anchor in this port. If you have to travel by boat, just find one that will take you to the Cartagena Port, and once you're there, head to the bus station which is only minutes away from the port itself. From there, you only have to buy a ticket from Cartagena to Murcia, which only costs 4,75 € without any discounts, and in 45 minutes you will be in the centre of Murcia.

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