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Erasmus blog France

  • Fabulous visit to Ville Franche sur mer

    As we were visiting Nice and not so far from this amazing city located in the south of France, we could discover another amazing city called Ville franche sur mer that is even more splendid in terms of beautiful landscapes and harmony with nature. In fact, we went in...

    0 by Marwa, 10 days ago
  • How to apply for a university education in France

    Campus France is the French agency that is responsible for the promotion of higher education and international mobility in France. And it is precisely through this organization that they have to pass to apply for a training at a university in the French country. On this...

    0 by Irene, one month ago
  • Whole life experience

    La Seyne sur Mer is going to be the main character of todays’ blog. Nobody kinda knows about this tiny city in the worldwide known French « Côte d’Azur ». But before i start talking, I mean writing about it, I’ll indroduce myself and the reason why chose this...

    0 by Anna, 11 months ago
  • CAF et les aides au logement: When the government helps you pay your rent!

    Would you be able to imagine that the government pays for part of your rent? Well, it's possible in France! Here in France, something called CAF: Caisse d’Allocations Familiales exists. It is the governmental organisation in charge of negotiating economic support that...

    0 by Evie, one year ago
  • Paris-a dream come true..

    When I got the news that I was selected as an EPOG graduate at University of Paris Nord,I was filled with joy.Living in Paris is like a dream come true and more.Having lived in Islamabad,a beautiful city surrounded by Margalla hills and seated in Potohar Plateau,I was...

    0 by Anum, one year ago
  • Visiting Annecey

    If you move to Geneva you will find incredibly necessary to take day trips and venture out because otherwise your days will become far too monotonous. But you are in luck as Geneva is situated in the heart of Europe therefore it makes it easy to travel around. Whether...

    0 by Lucrezia, 2 years ago
  • 10 Foods You Must Try in France

     Before I write this article, I must let you know that nothing, and I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING compares to the food we have in England. There is not a day that goes by when I’m not daydreaming about Pizza Express, Zizzi’s, ASK Italian, Wagamamas, Jamie’s,...

    0 by Mireille, 2 years ago
  • The Hardest Part - Saying Goodbye

    Tetris in the Car And after that wonderful weekend that had passed much to fast, I had to think about my luggage finally. I only had two days left to pack everything and bring it into my car somehow. When I had come to France in January I already had had some problems...

    0 by Jenny, 3 years ago
  • And the french bureaucracy starts..

    Arrival Forms After I arrived to my new home there was not much time to relax on my first day. I had to get registered at the university. And as it was already friday 1pm I really had do hurry up. So I tried to find my way to the correct office - the International...

    0 by Jenny, 3 years ago
  • Why you should never visit France. Ever!

    1. France is really not beautiful. Paris. Source 2. Especially not the architecture... Chantilly Castle. Source 3. Look at that, who could live in a such place? Chenonceau Castle. Source 4. Gardens looks even worst. Versailles gardens, Versaille Castle. Source 5....

    0 by Guillermo, 4 years ago
  • About the different mobile phone providers in France

    In this post, and this time not only for those coming to Saint Nazaire or Nantes, but for any part France, I want to talk about the different phone companies you're going to find here and which ones are the best for you and your own needs. The first thing to say is,...

    0 by Jake, 4 years ago

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