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  • Instructive Erasmus semester in Paris

Instructive Erasmus semester in Paris

Nadine Schlehofer — 0 people follow the author

In this blog, I will describe my very instructive Erasmus semester in Paris with many Ups and Donws and a happy ending. Enjoy!

Blog posts

  • My favourite places to relax in Paris

    In a big city like Paris, sometimes everything is just too much. It is teeming with people, everyone bumps into you, the metro is completely overcrowded… At some point, everything is just unbearable und you just want to get out. And that is where you can go to one of...

    0 by Nadine, in Erasmus blog Paris one year ago
  • Post Erasmus Depression and how to cope with it

    My Post Erasmus Depression experience I already had heard about the Post Erasmus Depression from former Erasmus students and also read about it in blogs and saw videos. And it is true. Already some days before leaving it partly started. Of course, I was happy of going...

    0 by Nadine, in General one year ago
  • I cannot keep calm - Erasmus is ending

    I cannot keep calm -Erasmus is ending. This is the motto of the last days. The end is getting closer. We all notice that. From time to time, you will catch someone looking into nowhere, being melancholic and far away in his thoughts – and everyone knows that he is...

    0 by Nadine, in Erasmus blog Paris one year ago
  • Day trip to Amiens

    Wanting to see more of France than only Paris, I joined a day trip to Amiens. Before coming to Paris, it was also an option for me to go there for my Erasmus and now I wanted to know how it was there. Amiens is located north of Paris in the region of Hauts-de-France and...

    0 by Nadine, in Erasmus blog Amiens one year ago
  • A weekend away from Paris and France - trip to Warsaw

    I already mentioned that before. Erasmus is not only about studying and staying in one city. The most important thing is to make ever lasting friendships and unforgettable memories. How do you do it? Do you things together! Go on adventures! Travel! I made many friends...

    1 by Nadine, in Erasmus blog Warsaw one year ago
  • One week Paris with my parents

    One week Paris with my parents. When you are Erasmus and your parents can afford to visit you, they will sure do it. It’s always good to have an excuse to go on holiday and what is better than to say: “Our daughter studies in Paris, I will visit her.”? Nothing!...

    0 by Nadine, in Erasmus blog Paris one year ago
  • Nuit des étudiant du monde

    That was one of these spontaneous actions. I don’t know, what we are doing wrong that we always only get to know about events shortly before. Especially, if it’s events, where you have to register for. For example, the nuits des étudiants du monde, which means the...

    0 by Nadine, in Erasmus blog Paris one year ago
  • Life goes on...

    Today, the horrible events of the 13th November happened exactly one week ago and a lot changed since then . The Monday after the attacks, a silent minute was hold to remember the victims. As I don’t have classes on Monday and still didn’t want to leave to house for...

    0 by Nadine, in General one year ago
  • Terror in Paris

    Friday, 13th November 2015 in Paris. A day that started as all others did, but would end completely different…. As usual, I overslept on this Friday and hurried to university. As usual, I stayed until 14 o’clock in university and then took the metro back home....

    0 by Nadine, in General one year ago
  • Christmas and New Year's Eve in Paris

    Christmas in Paris is a long period. Already in the beginning of November the Christmas decorations are installed, for example in the Galeries La Fayette, and mid-november the Christmas markets start. And you have lots of them in Paris.   Christmas markets The biggest...

    0 by Nadine, in General one year ago
  • Trip to Normandie

    In Paris I became a member of the organisation EIAP (Échange Internationaux à Paris). They organize a lot of parties, trips and other stuff. This weekend a trip to the Normandie, north of France was planned and I spontaneously signed up with some friends. It was a...

    0 by Nadine, in General one year ago
  • Special days in Paris

    Not special in the sense of exceptionally good. Ok, yes, that is also true, but what I wanted to say with that is that they are different than normal days. I will tell you about some of these in this blog.   Jour de la Patrimoine The Jour de la Patrimoine is the 20 of...

    0 by Nadine, in Erasmus blog Paris one year ago
  • Tout commence avec un rêve - a day in Disneyland

    One day being a child again. That was our motto for our day in Disneyland. Every and each one of us would tell the others: “When we go to Disneyland tomorrow, I will be four years again and I will behave like that”, “if there will really be a firework at the...

    0 by Nadine, in General one year ago
  • The underground of Paris

    Actually, I am most of the day beneath Paris, or at least if feels like it. The Metro is mostly in the underground and also, when changing you have large underground tunnels. Sometimes I am thinking you can spend the whole day in the underground. I am walking and...

    0 by Nadine, in General one year ago
  • Impressions from university

    I want to give you some impressions about the daily life at French universities, especially the Sorbonne Nouvelle, which I attended. The Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3 is part of the universités de la Sorbonne, which are three universities: the Panthéon-Sorbonne, the...

    0 by Nadine, in Erasmus blog UP3 one year ago
  • Problematic settling into my new city

    „So, I’m living in Paris now… Ok, let’s start!” That was my first thought about my semester abroad. And then it really started. One would think that leaving his well known surroundings to settle into a new environment, without knowing anyone or anything and...

    0 by Nadine, in General one year ago

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