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Home made pizza

Published by nahom worku — 2 months ago

Blog: cheers to new horizons
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Hello dear readers this time around I will talk about a very nice pizza dinner I had with friends. Of course I am talking about homemade pizza and not the kind you buy from your local pizza delivery guy. I personally think that having a pizza night is beneficial especially if you are an Erasmus student and you don't have much time to cook but also if you're travelling and visiting, I think pizza is one of the easiest things to prepare and can be very pleasing and satisfying when eaten. Given the fact that I had the chance to stay in Italy for a long time which in my opinion was enough to taste different kinds of pizza from different pizzerias and also the homemade ones. I always still come to appreciate the simplicity in the hartiness of the homemade pizza. There is really nothing that gets close to a homemade version of pizza because first of all you can control the ingredients in their

quality and you can also make it according to coming to work what you have in your fridge or pantry. Most importantly you can also learn a new skill which is to make your own dough make the condiments prepare the condiments and have fun with it. As they say pizza is 0 or a low calorie food only if you make it. This because when you make pizza you have to knead the dough for a long time and there's a lot of work and you sweat and you lose energy. But don't worry this energy will be regained once you finished preparing you pizza invite into that thin crusty slice of pizza.





So next time you crave pizza make an effort to amek it by yourself following a recipe and you won't be dissappointed with the result. The big secret to make crsipy and tasty pizza is to work on the pizza dough. Basically you have to let the dough rise for a prolonged time (wait for the volume of the dough to double in size before you turn it into pizza and bake it in the oven).

Thank you for reading this article. Cheers !!!

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