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The Palace of Movies

Published by Michael Dib — 3 years ago

Getting there

This article is dedicated to the entertainment side of Adelaide. When you travel to a new country for a semester exchange it's important to know what the good places are to go and have some fun. They’re also places that are suitable to take friends with or go on your own. In this case, we shall be talking about the Palace Nova Eastend. This place is surely one of my favourite theatres due to its location and some of the deals. We’ll get into it in detail of it in a bit. So, palace nova is known as part of a chain of cinemas that are perfect for budget hunters and students. However, we could find some great deals throughout Adelaide for movies. They are often even cheaper than back home in Spain. So, let's start off with getting there.

It's pretty straight forward. It's located in one of Adelaide's busiest streets. Rundle Mall street. As you walk down Rundle mall street from the centre towards the East you will pass by the Exeter located on the northern side of the road. From there you simply turn a left. When turning left you will go into an alley. Within this alley there are a couple of bars located around. As you keep on walking take the first right. Up ahead you will pass by the Lion Hotel bar. Now you simply walk to the very end of the street and you will be presented with the cinemas itself. The outer area is quite subtle if it weren't for two small signs with movie posters on them. However, once you go in you’ll be in a decent sized cinema complex. To the left of you, you should be able to find a nice sitting area with a place to eat. I have often gone there to chill with mates right after the movies.

It's a good place for you to chill. However, it really isn’t much of the main event of the place. But rather you will have to walk on over to the reception where you could buy your movie tickets. Keep in mind that the bathrooms are also in this room if you desperately need to go to one throughout the movie screening period. At the reception you should be able to simply book whatever seats are available for the movies.

Now, this is where we have to diverge a little bit. You’ll need to look up on it's website for tickets if you want to secure your position in case places run out on the day. Simply looking at the Palace Nova Eastend website. On it you could spot the movies and the times they are showing. If you buy your ticket on here you should also put up what your status is. For example, if you’re a student then you should put concession/student prices. This will give you a more comfortable discount. The reason why they did this was to entice the students much poorer than the full time working adults. So, this is definitely a benefit to the average student exchanger.

Monday deal

Also, if you go on a Monday then you will have a much better discount than the rest of the week. Look into going over to the cinemas on a Monday to get the best deal of them all. Plus, it's almost every Monday that this deal is on, so you shouldn’t worry about missing the deal. It's pretty convenient. So, once you book your concession ticket then you could head on over to the reception on the day and simply collect your ticket with your receipt. Make sure that you keep your student card on you. You’ll need it for when they check your ticket to make sure you are able to have concession tickets

If you do not present your student card, then you aren’t eligible to actually use that ticket. Now, I'm not too sure what the consequences for that are. It could be that you either get a fine, a warning or simply have to pay the full price. I’m pretty sure it's the latter to. It would be incomprehensible that it's the former. Why would you find your own customers when you have a system to make sure they don’t cheat you? So, your losses are quite minimum. It would be a bit of a business suicide. But regardless, make sure to pick what you’re applicable for. So, once you buy your tickets you could move on to the next step of the trick. The snacks. The snack section is located directly in front of the reception. There’s a wide selection of different snacks, peanuts popcorn, and much more. As with all cinemas these are pretty pricey. The profit margin is incredible for these.

I wonder if they ever feel bad charging eight bucks for something that costs about 50 cents to make. I reckon you wouldn’t be if you were the one making that money. Regardless, if you’re interested you could also enjoy a drink with your viewing experience. I can’t recall if they offered beers. I’m sure they do but I am not positive. However, they definitely do offer wine. I reckon it's a good marketing strategy as many go on movie dates. If you couple the couple with wine, then it would create a more augmented experience. I would definitely look into it if you enjoy a good glass of red and white along with your meal. It does help to know that South Australia is known for exporting some high-quality wines. So, you would definitely enjoy whatever drink you buy.


This pretty much concludes our exciting time at Palace Nova eastend. It's a great place to enjoy with a mate, alone or a group of friends. It's also quite affordable if you keep an eye out for the Monday deals although it isn’t overall too expensive if you choose to simply go on a different part of the week. There are several theatre rooms within the cinemas, so a variety of movies can be played at one time. Happy adventuring and enjoy the show!


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