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Rooftop Shisha

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New Hookah in Town

Published by Michael Dib — 3 years ago


A new place opened up on Adelaide’s Hindley street: the rooftop shisha lounge. This is another addition to the many shisha lounges located throughout Adelaide. It seems that shisha (or hookah) is becoming one of the most popular activities to do with mates excluding eating out and having a night out drinking with mates. I have noticed the popularity of this unfolding change quite vividly. The most common shisha lounges are usually the ones found in the area of the Shisha Lounge at the centre of Hindley street. This one is located relatively close to that exact area. It’s found right next to the Dog and Duck Club which is one of the most popular club venues on Hindley street and a personal favourite of mine. I only noticed this new shisha lounge after a night out there. This used to be the rooftop bar called Laneway. They might have sold the business to an individual who have transformed it to what it is today. I can see why. The old bar used to be open for only several hours a week on Friday and Saturday night, and only during the summer holidays. That is, if it was open at all.

New Hookah in Town


It was a bit of a pain as I had finally liked the design of the place because it made you feel like if you could take a breath of fresh air and some space away from the craziness of Adelaide’s Hindley street. I left on a semester exchange to France while it was still around, and it seems to have been changed up by the time I got back a few months ago. I’m quite glad that they did. This new Shisha lounge has a much more open area than the others. Which is good, it's better to spread out the unhealthy second-hand smoking (ironic really). The place usually gets busy on the party nights on Friday and Saturday. Describing the place shall be my next goal.

New Hookah in Town


How it looks

Basically, the entrance is on the side which is in a long alleyway that is often quite busy with people and leads to a car parking building. The wall facing the street is put up with bars, so you could see inside and out, and which allows the smoke to flow outwards. When you enter from the side you will have the cashier and order area on your right where you can get all types of baklava snacks, drinks, teas and order your shishas. On your left you will find the main lounge area where patrons are sitting on different tables. It's a very comfortable looking area, although if you find unnerving people staring at you as they pass by then, you should try out the upstairs area.

New Hookah in Town


If you go upstairs, directly in front of you will be a boxed area where you can sit down and relax with some mates. I am not sure you’re allowed to smoke in this area since they’re a bit iffy about relatively closed spots for smoking. If you turn around and walk over a safe plank you will be in the main balcony area of the second floor. This is a great place to stay as you will be away from the crowds dancing, shouting and puking on the streets below, plus you could feel a refreshing Aussie breeze. From here, you have a vantage point which allows you to look down at the passing crowds and eateries in the area. It's a bit of a serene experience to enjoy and smoke with mates while watching the whole world pass by you.

The options

The prices here are quite similar to the ones found everywhere else. If you want the cheapest shisha then you should go for the clay pot. This one is not only the cheapest but also the strongest. Keep that in mind if you’re not used to smoking shisha.

It costs twenty-five dollars and comes in an assortment of different flavours you could choose from. Another option is the fruit heads. These are divided into two different categories based on price. Apple and Orange shisha heads are the most popular choices by many. They cost about thirty dollars a pop. They are lighter in intensity but still strong enough to give you the hit you need. They also last a bit longer as they do not burn as fast as the tobacco is spread out. I usually end up getting the orange flavour whenever I smoke with mates (which coincidentally is the most popular of all shisha head choices) since apple heads are a tiny bit sour.

Now, the largest and the longest lasting shisha which is also the most expensive is the pineapple head. This large piece is an impressive one to look at. It's also quite large and lasts the longest out of all the shishas due to its size. We only order this one during celebratory moments. Although, if you see yourself coming to a shisha lounge only once in a while then I would recommend trying it out. It costs thirty-five dollars.

New Hookah in Town


This shisha lounge also provides tea. Tea goes really well with shisha. They have flavours ranging from green tea, black tea, cinnamon tea and many more. Feel free to get a tray with some mates to enjoy. Sunflower seeds are also another good option. Hopefully, this guide will help you get a better idea of what's where and what's hyped up in Adelaide city. Enjoy your time and keep in mind that smoking too much is not good for your health. However, if you’re going to smoke, at least go somewhere with good atmosphere and quite a bit of ventilation!

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