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The Signature Lounge Club

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A New Player on Hindley Street!

Published by Michael Dib


Adelaide is not the biggest or most well-known for its bar and club scene, although this has been changing. New bars and clubs open quite often, and many new adventures of life, glamour, and dance come to be showcased. However, Adelaide is also merciless. Many bars and clubs also end up closing due to lack of customers not necessarily because there is something wrong with the bar but Adelaideans enjoy what they know is good while some bars and clubs have to step up to the plate and prove that they are to be attended and sought after in queues on a proper night out. Today we will be talking about one of the new contenders to step upon the stage: The Signature Club Lounge.

This new club has made its way into Adelaide’s Hindley Street which is known as the party street of the city. Although this one is the most popular one and the most populated of them all on a night out, there are other such places. I recently visited this bar for the first time at the beginning of March. At the time we had been setting up a new place for the Adelaide university Exchange Student Network (ESN). This university club is dedicated to showcasing exchange student’s great opportunities to enjoy their time while staying in Adelaide. As is tradition on Thursdays we have student nights where drink specials are targeting University students. This way clubs and bars can have a profitable Thursday and University students can have an extra night to party.

A New Player on Hindley Street


So, the ESN would host such events at the Duke of York. This place has been a popular place for exchangers to go on Thursdays and have a good time. Recently, however, this has changed as a new place was selected to be the new party venue for exchangers and other students on Thursdays: The Signature Club Lounge. Apparently, the vice president of the ESN had been doing negotiations with the owner of the Signature Club Lounge and they managed to get to a compromise when it came to drinking deals for ESN students. However, it is still an enjoyable place to go on Friday and Saturday when everybody is out and about. You don’t need to be a student to enjoy the drink deals on offer.

The venue

To enter you will have to head over closer to the center of Hindley street. This club is located to the west of the Sahara shisha club. From there you will be able to enter and must turn left when inside. After that, you’ll need to take two rights until you’re faced with the large bar with an L-shaped counter. The bartenders are all relatively young and hip-looking workers. Here is where all the amazingly priced drinks can be found. Make sure to ask for whatever if you need it from here as well. To the left, you’ll have a large room and dance area. To your right, you’ll have a narrow-sectioned area where you can sit down on sofas and chairs. This area is pretty good if you’re looking to catch your breath after all the dancing or simply want to enjoy a cocktail or beer with some mates. If you walk further in on your left, you’ll have the main dancefloor.

A New Player on Hindley Street


There is a stage that is only one step high. This is perfect if you’re looking to bust a move while having a view of the area around you. It's also pretty good if you’re looking for a mate as it should be easy to spot you from the stage. In front of the stage, you can find the DJ booth staring straight into the crowd. The proximity and accessibility of the DJ booth make it easy to ask for any song requests. The DJ working there is pretty friendly and is more than open to the idea of adding some of your favorite tunes onto the playlist. Interestingly enough, this same DJ used to work at the Duke of York before moving over to the Signature Lounge Club.

A New Player on Hindley Street


If you need the bathroom there is an upstairs area close to the entrance. This area is surprisingly big. When you go up the stairs you will enter a lounge area where you could chill with some mates on one of the sofas. Further down the hall, you will be faced with the bathrooms. The bathrooms themselves are decently sized and pretty clean considering it's a club. Many places on Hindley street make it close to unacceptable being close to one of these places due to how badly their bathrooms smell. Regardless, I wouldn't have to worry about this one.

Overall, I highly recommend you check out this club on a night out. The music is raging long into the night and it's located very close to many different places. For example, you could always jump into another club or go to a bar nearby to chill. The shisha lounge is barely a two-minute walk away and the Sahara shisha lounge just around the corner.

A New Player on Hindley Street


There is also 24/7 McDonalds and Hungry Jacks. There are also some late-night pizzerias and KFC which would allow you for a tasty experience. You will also be located on the street parallel to North Terrace and very close to the Adelaide Casino. The casino usually has a steady stream of taxi drivers to take you back home or to a mate’s place. It's honestly a great place to be. If you’re staying in a student residence such as Urbanest then it's barely a five-minute walk away.

Enjoy the experience here and drink responsibly!

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