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  • Place

    The City of Aveiro

    Known as The Portuguese Venice, Aveiro is on the Northern Portuguese Coast, just bellow the city of Porto. Aveiro is well known for it's beaches and the Aveiro River, which is where it gets the name "Portuguese Venice". The city centre has several interesting tourist...

    by Alex in What to see Aveiro, 2 months ago
  • Place

    Quinta da Regaleira

    In the mystic town of Sintra there lies one of the most loved attractions; not only loved by tourists, but by all who go there :Quinta da Regaleira. It lies some 10 minute walk from the town centre, a great space with a series of different buildings and other creations,...

    by Alex in What to see Sintra, 2 months ago
  • Blog

    What's winter like in Verona?

    If you're going to Verona from a warm country, such as Portugal, it's best that you forgot temperatures around 20 degrees in mid-November. Source Source Source Source Temperatures in Verona, in the north of Italy in general, can be quite different to those seen in...

    0 by Alex in Erasmus blog Verona, 5 months ago
  • Blog

    Are you going to Finland on Erasmus?

    Are you off to Finland? BEFORE STARTING YOUR TRIP you will have hundreds of questions. You'll be driven mad looking in forums, reading a lot but learning very little. And you've also been worn out by Youtube, with the amount of aurora borealis that you've watched. Here...

    0 by Alex in Erasmus tips, 5 months ago
  • Blog

    Pros and cons of doing Erasmus.

    Erasmus? As many may know, my Erasmus experience ended about a month and a half ago. It wasn't like any other Erasmus experience, it took a lot of work dedication. Spending a whole year working and a lot of stubbornness was to blame for me spending 6 months of my life...

    0 by Alex in Erasmus tips, 6 months ago
  • Blog

    Is Holland a good Erasmus destination? Part 1

    Although many of us associate Holland with the Low Countries they aren't really the same. The Low Countries, the Netherlands, are made up of 12 provinces where we can find Northern and Southern Holland (which together create the area known as Holland), but there are...

    0 by Alex in Erasmus blog Netherlands, 6 months ago
  • Blog

    Pingo Doce Student Card

    Student or not, everyone likes saving money when shopping. There is nothing more frustrating than buying something which you could have bought for half price, or at least, with some sort of discount. So that you can save a bit of money for the end of the month, I am...

    0 by Alex in Erasmus blog Portugal, 6 months ago
  • Blog

    8 things to consider before choosing your Erasmus destination!

    1 - Teaching Quality Above anything else, this should be the most important aspect that you think about. Erasmus is an important time and, in my mind, enriching for student and professional life in the future. However, don't forget that these types of grant are state...

    0 by Alex in Erasmus tips, 6 months ago
  • Blog

    How to learn Portuguese and some basic Portuguese words

    It's very easy to find Portuguese people in the street who speak English, so don't worry too much if you don't know how to speak Portuguese, you'll be okay. However, if you come to Portugal with Erasmus, why not learn our language? It is always worthwhile. After...

    0 by Alex in Erasmus blog Portugal, 6 months ago
  • Experience

    Welcome to the best university in the country :)

    It´s not easy to condense all of the moments which happen in a university during four years... Still, I'll try to show the best and the worst of both Minho University and Braga. Braga is also one of the European cities with the youngest population. Source Only 34...

    0 by Alex in Erasmus experiences UMinho , one year ago

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