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Erasmus blog Verona

  • Cities to visit, near Verona

    If you find yourself in Italy, more precisely in Verona, and you have free time to travel, you will need some tips. Although you can entertain yourself on google maps or with an actual map, it is actual experiences and people that will clear your doubts and better...

    0 by Beatriz, 2 months ago
  • Falling in love with Verona

    The next city that I visited on my trip around Italy with my friends was Verona. Without doubt this was the place that made us feel the most excited. Because it's famous, because it's romantic, because it's full of adorable souvenirs, because it has many hidden secrets,...

    0 by Jasmin, 11 months ago
  • Day-trip to Verona

    Verona was one of the cities that was at the top of my list of places to go for this semester. So many friends of mine from university were going there and telling me about how beautiful it is, so I wanted to go and see it for myself. This city  really did not...

    0 by Aurélie, one year ago
  • Christmas in Italy

    Christmas in Italy It is a nice experience to celebrate Christmas in Italy. While I was living in Verona, I had great time during the Christmas season. Every person starts to feel the climate of Christmas season from the early November with cold and Christmas wind. Both...

    0 by Crazy, one year ago
  • Verona and Lago di Garda

    I went on an Erasmus road trip to Verona and Lago di Garda. I went on this trip mainly because I wanted to go to Verona and seeing Lago di Garda was a nice addition. This was not my first trip with Erasmus Land organization, but I have decided to start with this one...

    0 by Katarina, one year ago

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