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  • Doświadczenie

    Erasmus Experience in Gdansk, Poland, by Khang Duy

    Why did you choose to go to Gdansk, Poland? I chose Gdansk because it has international context for education (the University of Gdansk has many international students). Source How long is the scholarship? How much money do you receive to help you with living costs? I...

  • Blog

    A short tour in Tczew

    I was on a short trip by 40-minute train to a nearby city of Gdansk to Tczew. My friend, Kamilo lives in Tczew with her family and I decided to travel there for a small tour around  the city on Saturday.  My first impression was about the train station. It is big and...

    11 przez Khang Duy w Erasmusowe blogi Polska, 7 lat temu
  • Blog

    Fighting for life... in floods, in Vietnam!

    I always wonder one question in my mind and I do not know when I can find the answer. "Do people have fate or not? Why?" Some people may say that "no", it is from what we try to do and what we believe in.  I really don't think so when the world is changing so fast and...

    6 przez Khang Duy w Ogólnie, 7 lat temu
  • Blog

    Visa is ready

    When I woke up this morning, the offline messages from my wife in Vietnam were mainly about the visa. She got the visa to Poland to continue her study and especially that we will be in the same place. This chance is a start to learn, discover new things from the...

    4 przez Khang Duy w Ogólnie, 7 lat temu
  • Doświadczenie

    Trees with no leaves

    My experience this time was in 2009. It was my first trip to another country. My first question at that time to my old friend was that "why the trees have no leaves". It was a day in March, the end of Winter in America and I was from the South of Vietnam. In my place, I...

    7 przez Khang Duy w Erasmusowe doświadczenia Utica, 7 lat temu
  • Nowe zdjęcia w Łódź

    galeria zaktualizowana, 7 lat temu
  • Nowe zdjęcia w Nowy Jork

    galeria zaktualizowana, 7 lat temu
  • Blog

    A special meeting

    Yesterday was unforgetable. My friend, Kamilo and I met at the main station of Gdansk, Poland. She was waiting for the next train to go home in Tczew. She told me that she got a headache and wanted to go to KFC for something to drink. We bought Pepsi and she drank a...

    6 przez Khang Duy w Erasmusowe blogi UNIV-GDA, 7 lat temu
  • Doświadczenie

    The fridge i Cockroaches (Lodówka i Karaluchy)

    Until now I still cannot forget the moment related to "the fridge and cockroaches. " I always ask myself for a long time after it happened. In a beautiful cold day after the new year, my roomate moved to another dormitory. A new friend was moving to my room and that...

  • Doświadczenie

    A little bit cold

    Lodz in Poland is not the first city in this beautiful world that I have experienced "the cold" in its both meanings. I arrived here on the last days of Fall and things became complicated for me. About a week after that, it was snowing and the weather even doubled the...

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