Erasmus Experience in Gdansk, Poland, by Khang Duy

Published by Khang Duy Nguyen — 7 years ago

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Why did you choose to go to Gdansk, Poland?

I chose Gdansk because it has international context for education (the University of Gdansk has many international students).


How long is the scholarship? How much money do you receive to help you with living costs?

I have scholarship for 4 years and about 1000 PLN a month. For the living costs and accommodations, I think more money is better. I live with minimum requirements (I cook at the dormitory).

What is the student lifestyle like in Gdansk?

Students here are active and helpful. The university has many dormitories and they are closed to the campus. The library is nearby too so many students are studying there.

Would you recommend the city and the University of Gdansk to other students?

Gdansk city and the University of Gdansk will be one of the best choices.

What is the food like?

I do not know well about traditional foods. I tried some and they are good. Foods can be found in the supermarket and stores. If you do not like food here, many McDonalds or KFC are around.

Did it cost you to find your accommodation in Gdansk?

We ask the school and they give the connection for the dormitories. It is free.

How much does it cost to live in Gdansk?

It is around 350 PLN (110 US dollars) to 700 PLN (about 230 US dollars) for a single room or a place in a room for 2 people.

Is the language easy to get to grips with? Are there language courses available at the University?

Yes, courses of different languages are available here. English is ok for traveling around.

What's the easiest or most economical way to travel to Gdansk from your city?

Polskie Busline or train (cheap), airplane (Ok), ferries (from Sweden)...

Where would you recommend to go on a night out in Gdansk?

Old City (Stare Miasto).

And for eating? Can you recommend some good restaurants in Gdansk?

Vietnamese or chinese restaurants, in some "Galeria", but I do not remember the names. But everything can be found here:

What good cultural sites are there to visit?

Many of them: Westerplatte, St. Mary's church, Neptune's Fountain, Trakt Królewski (Royal Way), Ulica Mariacka, Main Town Hall, Gdańsk Crane...




But I have not traveled much. I have been to the Stare Miasto once.

Is there any other advice that you could give to students going to Gdansk in the future?

This city is as modern as any other cities in Europe.


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    I am so sorry, teacher. I forget my big mission. Just because I am busy a bit, and lazy too.

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