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Visa is ready

Published by Khang Duy Nguyen — 7 years ago

Blog: A new day ... a new world!
Tags: General

When I woke up this morning, the offline messages from my wife in Vietnam were mainly about the visa. She got the visa to Poland to continue her study and especially that we will be in the same place.

This chance is a start to learn, discover new things from the cultures and where we will stay, and make a plan for the day of returning in the future. This opportunity will open a new page on her knowledge about different world that we could learn from book, hear from friends and watch them on videos... but all will never be as real as this time... it will be by her own eyes. 

I know that she has tried very hard for this. It could be a little bit wierd but I am expecting her first questions about where will live. Was it similar to mine when I first went to the USA? Fall is leaving very fast and this time is considered one of the best moments in the year. Just right outside my windows of an old dormitory building, trees are wearing a very colorful new clothes as a huge carpet endless in front of us.

I have not travelled a lot since I first moved here last month in Gdansk, Poland. I only spend time at school, at the supermarket and a house of some Vietnamese. I just go around and among these places, nowhere else.

Right now, I really want to call my teachers, my friends, and all who care about us that she is coming soon. But it was not a good idea.  Information can wait because it is too early in the morning on Saturday to make a phone call as in the emergency cases. 


Comments (4 comments)

  • Kamila Lubińska 7 years ago

    don't worry! be happy ;) you have got friends here- in the Poland :)

  • Khang Duy Nguyen 7 years ago

    Thank you very much, Kamilo! Poland seems to be more beautiful since we are friends.

  • Na Danh 7 years ago

    It's good to see real things by one's eyes, and good for you to see your wife every day. (- _ -).

  • Yugi BJ 7 years ago

    it will be jet-lag... but to self-feeling is awesome... (^^)

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