The fridge i Cockroaches (Lodówka i Karaluchy)

Published by Khang Duy Nguyen — 7 years ago

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Until now I still cannot forget the moment related to "the fridge and cockroaches. " I always ask myself for a long time after it happened.

In a beautiful cold day after the new year, my roomate moved to another dormitory. A new friend was moving to my room and that night, he discovered that there was a cockroach in the room. On the next day, the boss of the hotels and many people discovered that the cockroaches were from the botton of the fridge in my room.

Immediately, that friend and I were forced to throw and bring everything out the building. We must show all the stuffs from clothes, books to laptop, radio... on the snow. We were forced to clean and make sure that no more cockroaches could survive in the cold. We must leave all there 3 hours or longer. I must do everything alone and for many times to move in and out all my things.

The fridge was the one I took from my old room in another building. The roommates who moved to another place together share the penalty of 100 US dollars (this price is enough to buy a new fridge without any threats of cockroaches). But it was not the end.

I actually experienced an unforgettable moment in life that my room was locked to kill the cockroaches. However, the hotel boss even did not give me another place to stay for that night and the upcoming 2 more days. I knocked on my friends' room but no available place was for me. I talked to my teachers, the people in the reception and friends. Finally, they gave me a place on the floor during the winter in Poland in a friend room for such bad time. Until the day I moved to another city, I still recognized "the cold feelings" on the boss face.


I was very shock at that time that I was treated not like human in a developed country although I paid to stay there. But my teachers always told me that it was over and life will be more beautiful in the future. I would say that if I have not had good teachers, I do not know where I am now.

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  • Yugi BJ 7 years ago

    Some good some bad... but i agree it s over and it will be alright tomorrow... we leave for the whole life not a moment...just keep going ahead... try best...:-)

  • Na Danh 7 years ago

    Living abroad needs a lot of help, so unlucky to meet difficult people.

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