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Published by Silvia Fusi

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Hi guys!

I finished my Erasmus experience in Poland two months ago, and I talk only today about it 'cause coming back and restart the "real life" had been really hard. What can I say? I'll try to be honest and direct. My Erasmus in Lodz has been the best experience of my life. Lodz was my second choice and at the beginning I was a bit worried about the weather and I had a strange idea about Polish people. I thought to meet cold people really close between each other and conservative, but it was totally the opposite! They are really warm and kind and also if they don't know well English, they try to talk and help you always!

If you travel around Poland you will discover how beautiful it is, if you compare Lodz to other cities maybe you can see that isn't aesthetically beautiful but offers a huge entertainment. It's a young city, with great opportunities, a lot of Polish students come here to study 'cause universities are really great (also the buildings are amazing! ). I studied performing arts and I had lessons in really small classes. My teachers were always polite and incredibly available for all my troubles. The cost of life for an European student is lower and I could permit myself a lot of vices that in Italy are only a dream for me!

I was lucky, 'cause I had a place in a dorm (dorms are seriously comfortable) but prices of flats, also in the center are not exaggerated. At the end the human experience that you can share with people from all over the Europe is priceless and hard to describe. Poland for prices and fun is one of the best destination for a chance like this.


Don't be afraid about the first impression... if you will have the possibility to come here I can assure that will be an amazing Erasmus! Prepare yourself really well for the cold winter and try the typical food that it's really really great... and if an Italian said it, you've to believe in me! For every kind of question don't hesitate to contact me!

Good luck for your Erasmus and enjoy it!

Silvia :)

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