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Fighting for life... in floods, in Vietnam!

Published by Khang Duy Nguyen — 7 years ago

Blog: A new day ... a new world!
Tags: General

I always wonder one question in my mind and I do not know when I can find the answer. "Do people have fate or not? Why?" Some people may say that "no", it is from what we try to do and what we believe in. 

I really don't think so when the world is changing so fast and more wealthy people are "discovered" and billion times of that, of suffereing are for the poors, the invalids, the unlucky people. We are destroying the planet hardly without any powerful ways to "stop" or "reduce" those activities. People may say, "nature brings money, why not?" Of course, it is not for the place where they live now. The purnishments are on the poors and the unlucky people who have almost no protection on this earth. They only get the mercy when bad things happen to them. 

Not just one tsunami, one hurricane, one flood... destroys one person, one place, or one country. We are watching everyday on TV about this. And it is the same now in my country, in the central of Vietnam. Floods are killing people and stealing their houses and properties every year in many areas. Just right now, flood levels are higher than our houses and who can imagine what happening. People survive in the roof of their houses with cold and hunger. When the supports arrive, it is even harder to give them the foods.

Do anyone know the reasons that storms and floods appear more and more every year?

I bet you, everybody knows. But, do you, any of you, any of us did anything that actually will help? 

Not everyone, but people are still happy because what happening is in the areas where living means fighting. of course, not in the war only; these places are not even near where they live. 

My voice is from nowhere, nobody and what I can do by myself is saving what I can. I have saved papers for trees, money for donations, old clothes for people who need, planting trees for green... I have tried my best to help people I know understand about the nature and the environment. BUT it is just useless because it is just too small in this big world. Bad things still happen every where.

Please give your heart to the furture of our next generations! It is not their fates to deal with troubles that we did in the past. Thank you very much!



Comments (6 comments)

  • Minh Lam Huynh 7 years ago

    It is life.

  • Kamila Lubińska 7 years ago

    very interesting ;) really :P

  • Na Danh 7 years ago

    As far as I'm concerned, people do not have fate. Actually, fate is called after things happened. We not sure what will happen to us next, so we don't know our fate. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. And we call bad fortunes or good fortunes.

  • Yugi BJ 7 years ago

    Unless the bigwig recognize it by their heart...

  • Nam Le 7 years ago

    That is unavoidable thing!!! We have to face with it, but we can change everything! Storms, floods would be a part of our life,,,,

  • Huynh Phuong Nguyen 7 years ago

    i will try my best to do the same you. and will anyone do it?

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